I am often asked:

How do I know if this relationship is right for me or not?

How do I know to continue dating?

How do I know who to choose as a business partner?

How do I select some-one to work with?

It is likely you know how to gather practical, rational information, so I am not going to list those strategies here. Keep on getting the practical information you need to inform your choices. There are other ways to access information from your body’s knowing and your intuition that are powerful and relevant in choosing what is best for you?

Here are 10 ideas to help you make better choices for your life.

1 Time

Often we have more time than we realise to make a choice, so breathe and take the time that you need to gather both rational and intuitive information to make your choices.

2: Being in your body

Do you do exercises to become grounded in your body? Practise being grounded when you are making choices. If you don’t know how to be grounded, start with breathing deep into your body, feeling yourself in your body and feel your feet on the ground or floor underneath you. Notice how different answers surface when you choose something from connecting mind and body versus from your thoughts alone.

3: Energy and feelings

Do you sense energy? If you do, what does the energy of the situation tell you? What is happening to your energy 1: when you are with the person? 2: when you leave the person? 3: when you imagine being with them, and the difference between the reality of when you are with them?

4: Drawings

Do you do drawings to answer from your intuition? Set an intention, connect with your guidance or higher self, breathe and ground. Draw with your opposite hand if you are not used to drawing freely, as you want the drawing to come from your intuition not the logical thinking part of your brain. You do not want to choose what to draw, rather allow an image to emerge from you. It can be squiggles, it can be pictorial it does not have to make logical sense. What does the image tell you? Don’t over analyse, what is the first thing that comes? Check the response by breathing into your body and seeing how your body feels. Settled? Anxious? Complete? Incomplete?

5: Dreams

Invite your unconscious and your intuition to share messages with you at night as you dream? Place blank paper and a pen by your bedside. As soon as you wake up, draw and write what comes. What message is coming from your dreams? Don’t over analyse, what is the first thing that comes? Check the response by breathing into your body and seeing how your body feels. Settled? Anxious? Complete? Incomplete?

6: Principles

Do you have principles for your life, relationships and work? If so, go back to your principles. Does this person also abide and honor the principles you have for your life? If you do not, write the principles you want to honor in a relationship. What is negotiable and what is non-negotiable?

7: Conflict

When something has gone wrong, how did this person work with you to reach a mutual agreement? Did they blame you? Did they become defensive? Did they shut down and not want to talk about it? Can they talk about their feelings?

8: Openness

Do you open up and share your vulnerability but they are closed? You have been dating for awhile and they know lots about you about you know little about what they are really thinking and feeling? Do you have to second guess, and then get it wrong causing conflict, as you don’t have much to go on.

9: Reciprocal

Do you both reciprocate in sharing and being responsible for a mutually fulfilling relationship? Is it one way? Do you do all the listening? Do you take all the responsibility?

10: Future

Have you talked about your vision and the kind of future you would like for yourself, a partner and your work? If so, do they line up? Could you imagine your 2 visions having synergy?

Are you dis-satisfied with your relationship or lack of and want to either turn it around, leave or get it right next time?  

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