Are you tolerating tension and anxiety at work as you do not know how to release it? Just imagine, it does not have to be that way.

The more we tolerate levels of tension and anxiety the more they build up and may cause bigger problems physically, emotionally or psychologically later. We often think there is nothing we can do about it. It is the organisation and we can not change the organisation.

What is important is YOU taking care of yourself and releasing tension and anxiety before it builds up to levels of stress which result in serious life challenges.

21 Actions to create ease at work

  1. Practise meet and greet. Greet people with a smile when you see people for the first time each day.
  2. Breathe, yes breathe, when we get tense our breathing tightens. Breathe deeply and let your breathe out with a sigh between meetings and work tasks
  3. Be courageous and invite others to take 3 deep breaths before a meeting and at the end of a meeting.
  4. Shake out your body between meetings, after conversations and at the end of activities on the computer. Give yourself a shake when you stand and walk. remember to move!
  5. Be bold and invite others to shake it all out at the end of a meeting.
  6. Practise letting go. Say whee out loud or inside your body to let go, say "whee" and stretch out your arms to get more benefit
  7. Be fun and invite others to say "whee" when it is all getting to serious and laugh.
  8. Try something different between meetings, going out for a break. Break the static energy, do a silly walk and smile.
  9. Invite people to karoeke and sing together after work.
  10. Invite people to care for a philanthropic group - doing something together as a community builds stronger relationships and caring for others brings inner happiness
  11. Practise getting to know people better. Share something about yourself no-one knows. Invite others to reciprocate. Listen.
  12. At lunch go out for a walk, skate board or bike ride and breathe in the fresh air.
  13. Join a dance or movement class one lunch time each week.
  14. Do you do something creative outside of work? art, mosaic, dance, carpentry? Invite others to share their creative pursuits and have an exhibition of everyone’s art. Be inspired to see a different side of people at work.
  15. Bored? Initiate. Let your boss know you want to tale on a new challenge to add variety and interest at work.
  16. Challenged? Don’t stress, identify who you can ask for support? Ask for support.
  17. Stressed about asking for support? Give up pretending you know it all. People love being asked to help it makes them feel special.
  18. Have conflict? Are you letting some-one walk all over you? Look to see if you can create a new respectful boundary for yourself.
  19. Feel tense, concentrate and tense up even more then quickly drop your shoulders and breathe out s sigh, aaahh
  20. Take some quiet time during the day. Do what you need to do to rejuvenate.
  21. Sense conflict. Need more information before you can resolve an issue. Suggest postponing the meeting to another time when everyone is settled and you have all that you need. Shake it out, sigh and let it all out. Whee!

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