Celebrations all round!

I am excited to share with you that I am partnering with Integral Science and Soul leader, Dr Sue Stack, ( to offer the inaugural, group online Access Your Intuitive Body Wisdom program.

It is a 6 week online Exploratorium - with live experiential video sessions, private community conversations, weekly practice, and a buddy.

Dates to be announced for 2015

I launched this site a year ago, and it was my intention to host online programs for people interested in connecting with the wisdom in their body. We would love you to be a part of this inaugural event.

Sue and I are really interested in creating a community of fellow travellers who would like to be part of a supportive group to explore what it means to be more embodied and present.

  • What does it mean to integrate our intuitive body wisdom into daily life?
  • What practices might assist us?
  • What questions are most alive for each of us?




We aim to be playful, and create ways of inter-being that touches our deep humanness and our deep relationship to the planet. How can we build collective insight from our interactions together?

If this resonates with you check out the program details:


Shared Experiences 


We are inviting you to 2 free mini Exploratorium 's to experience some of the methods we apply to connect to your body wisdom.

Join 1 or both of the live zoom sessions next week. In zoom we have video and audio for all of us. If you are on your iPad you can even share the drawings you do.

11 am Monday 20th October, AEDT (5pm Sunday 19th October, PDT) 11 am Wednesday 22nd October, AEDT (5pm Tuesday 21st October, PDT) This is highly participative, and for a limited number, so please reserve your seat.

If the times don't suit you for the live zoom sessions, yet you are very interested let us know what would suit.

The 3 rd opportunity...


A Delightful Surprise


I have been trained in InterPlay methods for over 10 years and it is one of the forms we both integrate into our work. Our Program incorporates holistic practices, coaching, focussing, interplay, improvisation, collective insight, presencing, dialogical inquiry, action learning, archetypal dream work, breathing, art, meditation practices, narrative inquiry, story-telling, chi gung….

InterPlay, is within our work and it is a wonderful, joyful way to connect to the wisdom in your body and to connect with other people. Next Saturday, October 25th, at 10:30am Pacific Time, you'll have a chance to experience InterPlay in real time, all playing together! There will be a live video stream broadcast from Oakland, connecting to InterPlay gatherings in Seattle, Washington DC, Minnesota, Atlanta and lots more places all across North America.

Come play with us!  Click Here to find the live stream that day. We hope you'll join us in one or both of our zoom sessions this week and the InterPlay broadcast. Lastly...


What do you do to celebrate?


Love you to share something that you are passionate about that you have finally got off the ground! and you celebrate.

Love, play and wisdom to you