I drive past a busy cross section, and each time I still remember the accident I had over 30 years ago, when I first learnt to drive as a 16 year old.  

My sister, emailed the other day. She had just had a conversation with a friend whose husband cheated on her. She had an instant body memory when she heard the word, betrayal and her body started shaking. She forgot her bag when she left her friend and had to breathe deeply and consciously relax until she had stopped shaking. Her tummy squirmed for hours afterwards. It reminded her of the day her ex-husband told her he was having an affair.


My father, in his 70’s was finally told, by a medical specialist “ If we had treated you for post traumatic stress, you would not have had to have those back operations. " His post traumatic stress was from World War 2 some 50 years previously. He had a car accident at 60, and it was as if the trauma of the car accident disturbed the traumatic body memory that had been hidden from view all his life. His body fell to pieces. Today, he could have seen a somatic therapist to release the trauma from his body. He could have learnt how to self-care.


We escape our bodies in times of trauma. It is a natural protective mechanism. So do animals. It is known when prey animals such as an antler, finally accept their fate when being attacked by a lion, will go into a body/mind state like amnesia. Scientists believe it must numb the pain of being killed.


Animals in the wild, have maintained their natural instincts. If that antler had escaped and found a safe place, it’s natural instinct would have meant it would stop, sense safety and shake. Literally shake out the the trauma from the chase. When back in safety, it can go back to being relaxed and graze, whilst still maintaining all of its senses, vision, scent, kinaesthetic and auditory senses, to be on cue for the next predator in it’s territory.


Humans have became sanitised and de-animalised. We have dis-connected with our bodies, with the earth, nature and our ancient senses. We stop and control our natural body and animal instincts. We forget to come back home into our bodies when we are no longer under threat, or no longer reading abstract material and working with technology.


For the last 1400 years, we have moved out of our gut, the pelvic area as the seat of our intelligence, to our heart, to our cranial brain. We have generated a belief that intelligence is in our brain. Combine this with technology that pulls us into the abstract world and books written in abstract language in places that we have never experienced and we are literally living most of the time “in our heads” imagining our worlds rather than feeling, sensing and living through our bodies.


We wonder why, there is so much anxiety, stress and tension when we do not connect our thoughts, to our heart, body and the feminine grounding energy of our body and the earth.


So what can you do to come back into your body?


Simply take a moment to breathe and scan your body - many, many, many times during the day.

Sense that you are your body, and much more than your body and mind.

Sense the aliveness from your body through your senses.

Take a moment to smell, taste, hear, touch, feel your body and where you are right now.

What are you sitting on? standing on? Feel the connection with your body.

Do it again, and again and again.

Come back home to your body.

What memory is still being held in your body? What can you do to shake it out to self care?


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To your body wisdom and inner freedom