New Self New World
New Self New World

I am so excited! I recently connected with Philip Shepherd, who wrote, 'New Self, New World", I recommend reading the book. Philip has done a fantastic job of explaining why we have dis-connected our mind from our body. Not only why, but when, there is a wonderful historical outline of when humans did honor their gut or pelvic intelligence, when this shifted to the heart and then to the brain. Where we are now,  (and have been for some 1400 years with a belief that our intelligence is in the brain and in our mind), hence an incredible dis-connect from our body, our emotions, our energy/spirit and our pelvic (gut) intelligences.

We are literally living as if we only have a head full of ideas and our body is something that we use, we feed, we and sometimes wish we did not even have, as it is too much trouble for us.

This perspective of seeing our body as dis-connected from our intelligence has had the unforeseen consequences of the tension, stress, and anxiety in the world as people live in a world of abstract ideas. The unforeseen consequences of being dis-conneted to our own bodies has resulted in the dis-connection from the earth, nature and feminine energy and ways of experiencing the world.

Breathe into your body, breathe through your body, feel it, sense it, your body is not separate from you. Come back home into your body and live your live engaged from your pelvic floor, the root of your being, sensing your feet firmly planted on the ground.

We are embodied beings on this earth at this time.

I think sometimes we forget that we are embodied as a living being. We either live in a world full of abstractions and ideas, or perhaps you have been influenced by some in the world that practice being "spiritual" as being out of body. I have had many peak, spiritual experiences, even being surrounded and blessed by the angelic world after my Mother's passing. I know on a day to day basis I need to be grounded, and even the experience I share here was grounded in the visercal, felt sense of myself. Have you ever heard of the expression,

"After enlightenment the laundry!"

Re-connecting to experiencing the world though your body, with all of the wonderful gifts of our innate senses is like tuning the tv to technicolour. Except being inside the TV seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, sensing, imagining, whole body knowing in a felt visceral experience.

I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water, yes, the development of reasoning and logic and our cranial brain intelligence has enabled us to prosper from remarkable discoveries but we are also ailing.

We need to look carefully at the solutions that emerge from the very paradigm, the world view and beliefs about our life that created them, namely that the centre of our intelligence is in our cranial brain.

Once, you have a visceral experience of feeling connected, aligned body, mind and soul - you do experience the world differently. As we have habitually and unconsciously learnt to "live and be outside of our bodies", it takes a conscious choice to keep coming back in and connecting body/mind/spirit until this too becomes a new habit. All of a sudden you are living with a whole new experience of the world. As our world is constantly pulling us out of our bodies we need to keep consciously choosing to re-connect.

A Daily Ritual

Here is a simple daily ritual that my friend and I practise when we talk to one another. We ask one another:

"Where are you? Are you connected? Are you in your body?"

I scan my body viscerally, and take my attention to feeling my self/soul in my pelvic area. and my feet. I can notice my attention or myself being present in different parts of my body, I have a felt experience of "talking out of my head" which is distinctly different from speaking when connected with my pelvic floor, (my gut) and my heart.

After speaking, we check in.

"Was that idea coming from your mind alone or was it coming from a body/mind/spirit connected place?"

Do you have a simple ritual?

What is a simple daily ritual or practise that you do to connect? I would love you to share so can grow a collective pool of habits/practices that work for us. Something you share may resonate with others. Share your daily practise, questions and comments below.


If you want to read a synopsis of Philip's work, you can find an interview he did with the Sun at this link .

Stay tuned as I interviewed Philip for my podcast and as soon as the transcript is completed, I will post it up in iTunes.

There are many authors and books that I recommend if you are interested in this work, I have added a list to my affiliate page on Amazon. You can find the books I recommend here.