I have been a bit busy lately and I feel it is time to catch my breathe and enjoy what I am creating. What about you?

Do you give yourself enough time to enjoy your life, your relationships, your house, your team, your partner, your kids, your spiritual connection, whatever you love?

What do you do to take a breathe, relax, connect to what you need, to feel nurtured and at peace at any time during the day? It only has to take a few moments.

This is one of the things I do. I take a deep breathe in and let it out with a big sigh. I let out all the tension and energy I want to release by moving my body. You can do this right now. It only takes a few moments.

Breathe in and shake it all out

Breathe in deeply

Breathe out all the way to your belly and sigh AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Feel good? Want more?

I also add movement if I still feel the need to shake out whatever feels stuck or tense or is distracting me.

Ready? You can do this with me now too!


Breathe in – raise your hands above your head

Breathe out – lower your hands

Sigh and say AAAAAHHHHH as you …gently

Bend over, bend your knees and let your body, hang all loose and floppy and let your arms waggle around

Add your voice as you breathe out and hang – aaaahhhhh


Now slowly up

Slowly with your knees bent, looking after your body, raise your body and head – give yourself a little shake all over.

Massage your head and face for that little extra touch!

And then ahhh now I feel at ease, connected to my body, refreshed.


Breathing, one of the most simple things we can remember to do, any time, to re-juvenate, relax and connect.

What do you do that only takes moments and lets you come back to yourself?

Love you to share below.

P.S. When stressed or tense we tend to take short breathes and our cells have less oxygen.  That increases the feeling of tension, fear or stress at a physical level.  Oxygenating our cells through conscious breathing, moving, voicing tends to result in a physical sensory response relaxing into contentment, ease and safety.