Some of us are free spirited and happy at Xmas, some of us are remembering loss and perhaps feel sad and alone. So through the invisibility of the internet imagine that there is a space created for you to connect safely with yourself.


It only takes a moment to connect with your body.


Be with whatever is there.

It may be to embrace the love you feel for some-one, or sense your delight as your loyal pet follows your every step or be moved by the memory of sadness.


Why am I saying this?


Most of us are more dis-connected than we realise.


When we are "out of our bodies" our experience of the world is almost anaesthetised or more like a robot. Can you remember having your eyes glaze over or driving somewhere and not remembering how you got there. That is being in your head or dis-associated from your body.


When we re-connect to our felt body awareness we sense our heart and spirit and are open to heart to heart connections with others. In this connected state we can have all the amazing experiences of life including sadness, happiness, peace and joy. Have you ever experienced tears of joy?


You may be surprised at what happens after you connect.


Just like one of my clients who emailed me after her session and said,

“Hi Deb - I want to thank you again for last night. It felt so healing when I finally allowed myself to cry and let the sadness flow through me. I noticed feeling “so this is how it feels to be with my sadness”. Then it felt like tensed energy was released from me. Although I'm still sad, I feel that today the heaven and angels are sending me love through the people I see. I feel people are looking me in the eye and asking me how I am. Even my boss when I saw him at the elevator this morning, the lady barista at Starbucks, the Korean lady at the Korean BBQ place, all are just sending me positive energy”


Amidst all the losses and the loneliness at Christmas to be reminded to connect with my feelings and my body and be open to receiving heart to heart connections with others has helped me so much. I can’t thank you enough.”


Wherever you are and whatever you are going through my wish is that you give yourself the gift of connecting with yourself and find the peace and happiness that we all wish for Xmas. May your connection extend out to others and create a little magic this Xmas.


As always sharing your stories of connecting and the magic that happened or when you were dis-connected and what happened is great to connect with your own awareness and to help others on their journey. You can leave your comments below.


Merry Xmas and Love