If you are like most people there is a real dis-connect between what:

we know in our head and what we feel in our body.

I guess that is why you are here, as you have noticed this in yourself.

No matter whether you are in a relationship that is good, one that is rocky, or single, we could all do with deepening what we know about:

what is love, what isn't and how to create deeper intimacy and connection with ourselves, others and nature.

I know it took me a long time to work out the difference between being selfish, self less, self love, loving behaviour, and behaviour that you may not agree with but tolerate, versus behaviour that is totally unacceptable.

Yes, some of us are too kind and compassionate and tolerate behaviour that is not OK.

For me, learning to not over ride my body with what it was sensing and feeling, with rational thinking was critical in my journey to truly accept and know the difference between what is love and what isn't.

What about you?

Where is your body telling you something is not right for you? What are you telling yourself to override your body's wisdom that it is in your best interests to stop that action?

What is your body telling you to do more of, because it gives you access to your energy and creativity and love within? What are you telling yourself that you can not have that, or don't have time for that, or don't deserve that?

In this challenge there are 21 exercises to learn to deepen your love. Ready? Sign up here

What to expect

Want more love?

When you join the 21 day Challenge you will receive 21 days of emails with short exercises to notice:

what is love, what isn't, how to re-new and deepen your connection with a partner, yourself or any loved one.

You get to choose. So yes, you could choose to deepen your love with your self, your partner, Mother, father, friend!

Love is felt. Love is in the action. Love is an energy field. Love is kindness. Love is presence. What is love for you?

When you are taking loving actions do you sense and feel the presence of love?

What is it that some-one does for you that you feel the presence of their love?

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