(Painting by Tomasz Alen Kopera http://alenkopera.com/) Do you feel loved daily? or do you feel a lack of support?

Do you ever think, who is here for me?

Who can I share my secrets with?

Who can I share my fears with?

Fears, embarrassments and confusion are just as important to share, as are joys, successes and contentment.

We all need some-one to lean on.

We can let others lean on us at times.

Who do you have to lean on? Do you know how to self care?

We can lean on people, animals, or, a spiritual connection for some of us, to feel we are supported in our lives.

The reality is, there are times when we feel dis-connected and feel a lack of support.

What do you do to connect and feel support in your life?

Do you reach out to a friend? or do you bite your lip and go it alone?

Do you tell your dog or your cat all that you feel vulnerable about?

When I was a kid I had a horse. My horse,"Tinky" heard all the stories of my adolescence. I nestled my face into her mane and poured them all out, felt her wet breathe and soft nose on my hand as she nuzzled me with her love. She gave me incredible support. So did my dog, Jodie and my cat, Tiger. When I was really little I remember putting Tiger in an airline TAA bag my Dad had given me, placing the bag over my shoulder and riding my bike to the beach. I would watch the sunset, and Tiger playing on the sand and in the tranquility connect to something awe inspiring, that felt bigger than me. These were all ways that I felt supported in the world.

I feel connected now daily to support from spirit, from friends, family, animals and nature and I support my friends, family and clients. Where do you blossom?

Sometimes is all I do is listen, and that IS all there is to do.

Solution solving for some-one is often exactly what they do not want or need!

Listening so that people feel heard and can solve their own challenges gives them energy and retains your own.

Solution solving and being in my head, not my heart, takes energy away from those people who I care for.

I often make Mp3's for my clients when I feel they would be supported with a visualisation or meditation exercise. This year I am creating a series of these that will be available in the store. I am gifting my subscribers and readers the first one of these until the 15th February.

This Mp3 is a visualisation for feeling that you are supported from within. Listen and connect to the support that comes from  connecting to something that you believe in. If you have spiritual guidance, be present to a felt experience of being supported by spirit or whatever that means to you.

You can download the 'Feeling Supported" Mp3 here. A gift of love and support for you. Enjoy.

As always, if you take action, listen to the Mp3 and share how you feel - you are more likely to embody your learning rather than just reading and having something go in one ear and out the other.

So love you to share in the comments below, questions, challenges and insights!

Love Deb xxx