Earlier in my life I was successful at work and at home. I had a fantastic Consultancy and a great husband but I felt empty and dis-connected. At the time I "thought" the problem was my relationship. Perhaps, what I had was not love?

I left the loyalty, love and stability of the relationship with my husband and was seduced by emotional drama in another relationship.

This other relationship was full of pain and conflict, totally different to the love and stability I had with my now ex-husband.

My body was telling me don't stay.  I plunged into darkness. My body ached. I lacked energy and focus. I felt de-stabilised.

My body, my gut was saying, "No, this relationship is not love. Don't stay. You are missing the point. Wake up. Listen to me. Take care of yourself. Learn to love yourself, to connect with your self and your soul to feel connected, not empty. Move out of this de-bilitating relationship with this person with NPD (narcissistic personality do-order), he will never take responsibility for his actions, as he does not know how to have empathy, he does not know how to love himself."

For too long I over rode what my "gut", what my "intuition" was telling me.  I listened to the endless chatter from my mind, telling me to change myself so "he" would be more loving, to do more and more loving acts of kindness for him, so he would be more loving. To no avail.

I finally listened to my gut. I am no longer in that relationship. I chose the path of self-love and re-connected with my Intuitive Body Wisdom. I deepen this daily.

I learnt how to self-love and how to create loving boundaries. I now feel clarity, freedom and expansion. I feel stable. I now navigate life's challenges with resilience. I tune in and sense with my gut what is love, what is fear based, what I can influence and what I can not. I now know how to create loving boundaries for myself and guide others to do the same.

Have you ever had that feeling that a different choice would have been better for you?

You felt like taking that job or staying connected to that friend but you listened to all the voices in your head, which were influenced from what other people were telling you what to do, and you chose what they wanted for you.

 Then looking back you realised it would have been far better for you if you had trusted what your body was feeling, some people call it following your gut, and chosen what was right for you, not what some-one else thought was right for you.


Our bodies know before we do.

Our bodies know before our mind does.

Who has taught you how to listen to yourself and be your own guru?


  • Are you in a job because your parents and teachers told you that is the area that suited you?
  • Are you chasing a dream of "success", as that is what you have been sold by the media and society?
  • Are you working hard in the Corporate world, when, if you were truthful to yourself,  you would have more time to take care of the family?
  • Are you at home when you would rather be working?


No matter what, are you choosing something because:


  • it is what you are sold by society?
  • it is what your parents wanted for you?
  • it is what your teachers wanted for you?
  • it is what you think you should be doing?


Where do you come in?


Where does you connecting to your:


your inner truth

your values and beliefs

your heart's desires

your passion and creativity

your soul's yearning


What is it that you are searching for?









Are the choices you are making achieving that?


Intuitive Body Wisdom is the process I have created to guide people, just like you, to access the information from your body, mind and soul to have the freedom to know what is right for you.

You may have heard of Emotional Intelligence, Body Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, well it incorporates all these dimensions.

I prefer the term wisdom.

I have the idea that with all the intelligence in the world, how come we have created so many problems? Isn't it wisdom that we need?  The wisdom to choose wisely for our best interests, the best interests of our family, our communities, nature and the world.


Imagine if we were wise!


Why, couldn't we be? What a difference that would make to:

  • connect with your deepest truth and purpose in life
  • make choices that serve your highest good
  • choose what you love and makes you flourish
  • choose what brings you inner bliss and peace
  • and much, much more

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There are eGuidebooks in the Store to deepen your awareness of connecting to your sensory body and expanding your awareness. This is a first step in learning to listen to and understand the messages from your body.

Like all good recipes, once you learn them you will adapt and modify and make them your own. I would love you to share how you do this so that becomes available to our community. We are in this together. There is still much to learn.

So go on take some action to discover your own body wisdom.


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