This time of year many people create vision boards, set goals and do all kinds of future planning exercises. Did you know that there is a high percentage of dreams, plans and visions that fall by the wayside a short time after they have been declared?

Often these exercises use only one dimension of our humanity and often that is our cognitive planning abilities. More often than not these plans are "out there" - outside of us and in the future. We forget that it is the things that we feel and embody that propel us into having the energy to take the action to create our dreams now in the present moment. Not to just plan and think about them but to actually take the actions and be right now who we want to be.

One exercise you may not have discovered I originally experienced when training with Dr Jean Houston. It is powerful as the exercise engages all of your senses in embodying your vision and projects. I have modified her exercise and I now call it an "Embodying your Future" Exercise.

This is a way of living into something you are about to do or want and having the experience in your whole body. You are creating what you want in your whole body right now.

It is a bit like having a practice or trying it on. When you do this you will also get a feel for whether this is really something you want. You can always adapt and change what you want after you feel a sense of having it in your whole body.

Take 5 - 10 minutes to embody something that you wish to create. You may like to experience this exercise for both your "big picture plan" and then for each component or one project within your overall vision and plan.

You can download the Embody Your Vision Mp3 and the eBook in the store and use this to activate your senses in bringing your visions to reality. If you have a coupon remember to record the name.



Emodying a Future Project Exercise


First, find a space for about 5-10 minutes to turn off your phone and put aside all your distractions except for what you are reading right now.


Sit quietly and think about your vision for 2015 or one project within your vision. You may have developed a vision board, if so get it out and look at your board or identify one part that you would like to clearly embody right now.


Now I'm going to show you how to use your inward imagery and all of your senses to activate this project. It helps you not only finish the project, but allows you to do it in a way that fits into your picture of the world.


You'll want to pause after each sentence to really work with the imagined sense. You can also close your eyes after reading each sentence if it feels more focused for you that way. If you would like the audio tape and eGuide with additional embellishments check the store as one is on its' way.



Now, to start, I'd like you, in your imagination, to taste a sweet, juicy apple.


Go ahead and imagine in every detail what the sensation is like on your teeth, your tongue, and inside your mouth.


Next, I want you to taste a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.


Go ahead and imagine in every detail what the sensation is like on your teeth, your tongue, and inside your mouth.


Go ahead and imagine in every detail what the sensation is like on your teeth, your tongue, and inside your mouth.


Now hot buttered toast.


Now taste the extravagant celebratory meal you will eat after your project is finished, with all your favorite foods.


Imagine and sense every detail.




Next, I want you to smell a mountain meadow after a summer rain shower or cut grass after rain.


Imagine and sense every detail.


Imagine the smell is right under your nose


Now a thick pine forest.


Imagine and sense every detail.


Freshly baked bread.


Imagine and sense every detail.


Imagine that your project has a smell at the beginning of the project, during the project and at the end of the project. Now smell your project after it's finished (don't worry about the logic of that, just imagine what it smells like).




Now I want you to touch the bony softness of a horse's nose.


Now wade through a tub of warm, honey that touches your skin and sticks to your feet and legs.


Clap your hands and play patty-cake with a small child. Notice a different feeling when you touch your hands and the child’s hands.


Touch your project with your hands and other parts of your body, roll on your project, lie down on your project, hug your project as it's being completed.




I want you to hear the sound of a rainstorm on your roof.


Hear an opera singer holding her highest note.


Hear Martin Luther King giving his "I have a dream" speech.

Now hear something that has to do with the accomplishment of your project.




Now I want you to see a sunrise.


A sunset.


A falling star.


A good friend's face as they're looking at you.


Now I want you to see your project being accomplished.

Take a deep breath and run your project through all the senses again: taste, touch, smell, sight, sound. Go ahead and take ten seconds to do so.

You may wish to draw your project now or embellish your vision board after doing this exercise.


“What you have just done is engage the sensory pattern of the mind, as well as energizing the hormones in your body to feel and sense the energy you need to stick to the project you were thinking about."


This is the experience of activating the body-mind systems in service to a higher purpose and destiny.


"It works because below the surface crust of ordinary consciousness, the creative mind is working all the time, waiting for you to tap into it. Your deep mind is in a state of ongoing creativity.” Jean Houston




Review your experience. Does your body feel that this project is essential for your well being?


If not, has a different project surfaced? Or have you created a connection with this project that has inspired you to take the action you need.


You can do this exercise at any time of the year when you want to embody a project or embody any part of your vision and bring it into your whole body reality.


What happened to your vision or project when you did this exercise? Love you to leave your comments below. Do you have a photo of your drawing or vision board? Pin it on the Embodying Your Vision Board.


You can purchase the guided Embody Your Vision Mp3 and eBook for any future project in the store. If you have a coupon remember to record the name. Watch out for more posts to activate your senses in bringing your visions and projects to life in 2015.


Love Deb