Are you so stressed you feel paralysed or perhaps so excited you are all over the place and can not focus on any one thing?  

Either way you are probably a bundle of mixed emotions!!


Did you choose the event? a marriage, a baby, a new job, a new location. If so it is still likely you are facing a mix of emotions raging anywhere between uncertainty and fear to excitement and joy.


Has the event been thrown at you? redundancy, divorce, Illness, death of a loved one. If so, you are likely to be facing grief, rage, loss, and or emptiness.


This is a time when mixed emotions can be paralyzing or de-stabilising.


Some emotions may surface like sadness, joy, resentment, doubt and other emotions we may resist or pretend not to feel like anger, emptiness or loss.

How do we go about keeping our peace and stability in this place of temporary uncertainty when perhaps anything could knock us off balance?

People tell us to “let go” of the past, to get on with life.


But can we really “let go”? If we get on with life, are their consequences of not being with our grief or loss at the time?


No matter what, when we are in the middle of a life event there is the past, the present and the future. So how can we…


Honor the Past

There will be things in your past that you want to honor and appreciate, some that you want to release and burn or bury, some that you want to take with you for the next stage of your life journey.


Be in the Present

In the present there are choices to make, things to organise, yourself and or others to nurture, perhaps sleepness nights, loss of appetite, planning, trusting and preparing to create your next steps and more.


Welcome in the New

We can transition into the new just as if we are planting a seed and watching, caring, watering, fertilising and placing in the best conditions for growth. There is patience and care and being connected to our deepest truth as we “birth” a new period of our lives. Finding the confidence within ourselves to take the risks and seek out the resources we need to create the new one step at a time.


Do you have a story to share about a major life event? How did you live through it? What do you wish you had known then that you know now?

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See you there.


Love Deb