I took time away from my Consultancy whilst caring for my Mother until her passing. When it was time to be out in the world again and start a new business I "thought" I "should" take on a business Coach. I have been a Mentor, a facilitator and an Executive Coach myself in the Corporate world, so I do believe in the value of having some-one with expertise that you do not have as a sounding board and to offer advice.  

I am not an expert in Marketing and I was contacted by a Marketing Coach. At first I thought, "Hmm, is this synchronicity? or is this seduction?" She was very good at marketing. She literally told me , "What are you going to do without me?" My mind fell for it. She has expertise I did not have. She must be who I need to support me in my business."

My body was feeling something different. When I spoke with her my energy was sapped. I felt intimidated and bullied. I felt like I was losing my power and my energy. My gut was telling me, "No, this is not the right person for you. She does not understand who you are, what you do and how you help clients."

I did override my "gut" and listen to my rational head for awhile by taking on this Marketing Coach. I thought I needed the information she could give me. It did not take me long to realise. My gut was spot on. This was not the right person for me.

We ended our business relationship and I once again found my energy, and my focus on my essence and what I have to share again. Yes, my gut was right again.

I spoke with another Coach. This person, "got me" straight away. She "saw" who I was and said in a few words how she could understand the work that I do and what I have to offer the world. I felt enlivened. There was a power balance.

It is so easy in our world to over ride what our body is telling us. Society emphasises "thinking". I am not "throwing the baby out with the bath water" , but our brain is only one of our intelligences. We read all day in an abstract world. We use technology all day which takes us out of our bodies and dis-connects us from a deeper, older, wiser knowing. Is it any wonder there is so much anxiety in the world. There is much wisdom from our "gut" intelligence, our "heart" intelligence, our spiritual and body wisdom.


Is your head telling one you thing




your body is feeling another?


Are you feeling dis-connected? Not sure why?


When what we think and what we feel and what we believe are all lined up we feel good.


When there is a dis-connect between what we think and what we feel, we are likely to feel rattled, empty, confused.....


When we are dis-connected we are likely to choose things because our mind "thinks" we "should".


We over-ride our feelings, that say, "No" don't do that or "Do" that to love and respect yourself.


Sometimes we don't even know what we feel.


If you want to feel happy, content and peaceful you also need to be just as comfortable with frustration, anxiety, anger, fear and sadness.


Each and every feeling and body sensation has a message for us.


If you are cutting yourself off from your body as you do not want to feel fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, you are ignoring critical information about what to give yourself so that you come back to a state of ease, peace and grace. You will also deny yourself joy and peace.


To live the fullest life, be present to all of the gifts we have been given via our physical sensory body, our emotional body and our energetic body.


What experiences have you had where your head told you to do one thing but your body was telling you to do another?


Who won?


Does this resonate with you? Would you like to be guided to access the wisdom in your body? Apply for 1:1 or group Mentoring and Coaching program or contact me for custom designed public speaking and facilitation at your conference, in house or with your group.