Sure, we all do. As our thoughts are so "impregnated" with so many ideas it is sometimes hard to make a choice that is clear and right for you. We make literally thousands of choices each day, some big like a business choice, a relationship choice, a financial choice and others little like what do I wear today, what am I going to eat.

No matter how big or small, they all effect our state of being, how well we feel, how we create our life. Some of what we think our small choices can have a major effect on our well being.

So, what are some of the things you could be considering, when making a choice:

what others want for you

what others would choose

what will "get" the best outcome

what worked last time

what went wrong last time

what makes your heart sing

what doesn't

There are so many things to consider.

I have a new strategy for you in this video, and yes, it is all to do with feeling, sensing, imagining and using all your senses in your choice making as if you had one choice or another right now. Try it with a small choice first.


The audio and workbook "Embody Your Vision", which could be just as well called, "Embody Your Choices", gives you a script to use all of your senses in your choices, no matter how big or small.

How does it work for you, when you use your whole body sensing in your choice making?