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Marty, from Italy, asks,


" How can we improve my "heart-listening", without becoming destabilised by the energy of the other person?"


In this video I share how some of us are very EMPATHIC!!!, yes, and we feel everything that is happening to another person.

On the one hand, having empathy is critical and wonderful, on the other, if you have empathy for another and not enough for yourself you can become destabilised.


So what can you do:


1: Create empathy and self care for you


2: Imagine a shield of white, loving light around you keeping in your energetic space and another person in their space.


3: Practise noticing when your energy "takes on" the energy of another. Are you choosing this or are you being influenced, and it is not what you want.


4: When you notice you have an energetic state of another that is not serving you, i.e. you feel burdened by their pain, or you are distracted by their lightness when you want to work or something else, choose to be resilient and shift into your own energy centre. Do this through moving, even subtle movements can shift from one energy state to another. You may move in the chair, stand up, drop your shoulders, lift your shoulders and breathe into your chest, notice your feet on the ground, feel your hands resting on your legs or a chair. Become very present to your physical space. If the shift in your energy is not where you want your energy to be practise shifting into the energetic state that serves your need in the moment. This is usually something to do with self-love.


5: Literally SHAKE OUT some-one else's energy state when you leave them or when you go into another room.





Move your body in any way that releases the energy that you took on from that situation. This does not have to be bad energy. Do this regularly between meetings, conversations or any change of activity.  For every new event or conversation you have settled back into yourself in a grounded, centred place to meet a new event or situation with fresh eyes and fresh experience.


Let me know what you do to love yourself and give yourself the empathy that you are so williing to give others.


See you next time.