I recently went on a trip down memory lane and wrote a page of pictures and text about the significant events that have shaped my life and brought me to here right now. You can see my history timeline here. That is an old photo of my Dad in the photo above. A little blurry but I love the photo of him in the outback with his Holden car. It was a great experience and brought together some threads that have been running through my life for a very long time.

It was interesting how looking back at my history...

events, people, relationships, places, births, deaths, jobs, travelling, hobbies, art, sport, nature, happiness, sadness, fear, love, peace, stillness, action....

I could see the threads of my life and how things that I have always wanted to do are coming into fruition. Some have taken a little longer than I thought but they keep on coming back.

I could see my interest in accessing the wisdom from our bodies beginning when I was pregnant many years ago and wanted to give birth naturally.  Recently, I was invited to write a guest post about being in your body for Kiria Silke Vandekamp, and her "The art of sensual birthing" site. Whilst I don't help people give birth to babies, I do guide people to be in their body and access their latent wisdom, in a way I guide people to birth their whole selves. So it was interesting to create my history and see the linkages and the depth of my interest for many years. You can read my guest post here.

Honor your history, it is how you created your present and your future becomes your history.

Many people spend so much time thinking about the future that they are not present to the beauty of what is here right now.

Some people spend a lot of time looking backward and miss what is now.

Make time for all, past, present and future. Remember your history is present with you right now.

Your History

Are there events and people to honor? to grieve over? to celebrate? is there a thread running through your life that you have not noticed? Is it inviting you to birth something new?

Your Present

Be in the present, feel the present moment in every cell of your being and enjoy the viseral qualities of being alive and human. Ignite all your senses, taste, touch, smell, sight in remembering your history.

Your future

You are creating the future with every breathe you take, every thought, every action that is a choice right now, and right now, and right now. As you create your future uphold the "Principles" that you want to hold dearly in your life.

And you can use all of your senses to bring that future into reality right now, and right now, and right now. Each moment is a moment to choose wisely what is in your best interests now.

Before making a choice, feel it, taste it, smell it, see it, hear what you are saying and what you are thinking. Sense it in every cell in your body does it feel right? You may like my post on "Embodying Your Vision" when you have reviewed your history and a vision is emerging.

Can you imagine your past, your present and your future as one?

Creating my timeline to honor my history and enjoy the rich experiences I have created in my life was illuminating. You can see it here.

My timeline on my site only goes back about 15 years but I have done many exercises over the years to honor my ancestors. There is a great article, "Remembering our Ancestors: In Honor and Celebration of Those Who Have Come Before" from The Pachamama Alliance. You can read it here.

Action Today

In a Journal or on your website or blog make a timeline of your history. Enjoy. You are welcome to pin your images on the pinterest board, "Honoring My Past - My History Timeline".

Sharing what you are going to do will propel you into action. Leave your comments below.

Want to go deeper to learn the skills to connect with yourself and others deeply apply for Mentoring here.

Blessings to you