• Do you make choices that you later regret?
  • Do you compromise yourself when you makes choices to go along with some-one else?
  • Do you lack clarity, so you go backwards and forwards and never make a powerful choice?
  • or something else like that.

When you think about it, we make lots of choices every day, some small and some big. What if you could take a moment to breathe and connect deeply to your self and know when you say yes or no, you know which choice is in your best interests?

Wouldn't that be amazing? Well it is possible!

The more tuned in you are to what it feels like when you have chosen something that is in your best interests, and what you choose that does not resonate with your best interests, the quicker and better you will get at choosing what is best for you.

My chapter, How To Make Powerful Choices, in the best selling book "SkillShare", gives a way to learn how to become more aware of the consequences of what you choose in life. and how to use indicators to pick up quickly whether you have made a good choice.


When I make choices that are aligned with my deepest truth and values, people appear, doors open and I am in a state of flow. I recently chose to move locations. My head felt clear, my body felt compelled to move. I had lots of energy and it was easy to pack up. I contacted a few people that resulted in invitations for accommodation until I found somewhere to settle. Everything flowed.

Some years ago, every choice I made had adverse consequences. Why?  I was with a defacto-partner who constantly requested that I compromise my own inner values and truth for the relationship. I felt anxious most of the time. I constantly ignored what my body was telling me and rationalised that his behaviour was ok, when it was not. I was not aligned with my deepest truth and I made poor choices from that position. Thank heavens I learnt my lesson to stay in integrity and not compromise my values for anyone. I will never compromise my integrity again.

Are you often confused about what to choose?

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