When we are dis-connected from our body and our emotions we have blind spots. We can literally not see what our body is telling us. Just like when we are driving and there is a blind spot.

If you don’t understand how to access the messages from your body and learn to uncover your blind spots you will continually sabotage your relationships, your work, your bliss. And you may not even realise it! Here’s the opportunity to learn how to access your innate wisdom that has been talking to you, but no-body has shown you how to listen and how to make sense of your body’s messages. When you know how to access this information and turn it into wisdom you will have access forever.

Intuitive Body Wisdom takes us the next step in human evolution. Intuitive Body Wisdom puts the baby back in the bath water!

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When you learn how to discover the wisdom in your body you will be amazed at what and how it speaks to you! Integrate that knowledge with what you think and what you imagine and have a passport to being more than you could have ever imagined.

Imagine how much more powerful and connected you can be when we have all the dimensions of our experience and wisdom available to us.

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 “How to Make Powerful Choices”

What the free eBook is about

This eBook is a chapter I had published recently when I co-authored with a group of people to write a "How To" book. It is called 'SkillShare" and you can find it on Amazon. In my chapter I guide you through some of the skills to increase your connection between your mind and your body.


Because, everything in our society pulls us to think about things and that is only part of the picture. When we connect viscerally to our body we access our intelligence from our physical sensory body, our emotional body and we can go on to connect our spiritual "body". They really are all connected. It is just that it is a natural human condition to escape our body when under threat or trauma but no-one has showed us how to go back and connect. Over time we get more and more dis-connected in our world full of technology, busyness and abstract ideas.

Come home to your body and you will find your deep inner knowing and the source of your energy and creatvity.

No matter where you are on your journey you can always deepen your awareness and connection in “Noticing” and "Sensing" your body/mind connection, 2 critical  keys to accessing your Intuitive Body Wisdom. When you do the exercises in this eBook you will deepen your awareness of connecting to your sensory body. A first step in learning to listen to and understand the messages from our body.

Like all good recipes, once you learn them you will adapt and modify and make them your own. Come back and share what you have learnt. Write a review of the eBook. Sharing your experience helps others and we can create a community. We are in this together. There is still much to learn.

So go on take some action to discover your own body wisdom.

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