Have you ever had that feeling that a different choice would have been better for you? You felt like taking that job or staying connected to that friend but you listened to all the voices in your head, and what others were telling you what to do, and you chose what they wanted for you. Then looking back you realise it would have been far better for you if you had trusted what your body was feeling, some people call it following your gut, and chosen what was right for you, not what some-one else thought was right for you.

"Our bodies know before we do."

Intuitive Body Wisdom™ is the process I have learnt and teach others to access information from their body, mind and soul to have the freedom to know what is right for you. Why, would you want to do that? to connect with your deepest truth and purpose in life. When you do that you are fee to make choices that serve your highest good. Choices that bring you inner bliss and peace.

Keys I have found to access your Intuitive Body Wisdom™ are  based on 1000’s years of human evolution. Professor Brian Cox, renowned physicist, recently shared the link between our sensory processing and the evolution of our intelligence. Our sensory and imaginal bodies have been providing us with information way before we used the written word. We have been so focussed on learning through the power of rational thinking and from teachers and experts we “threw the baby out in the bath water”. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with learning from others but the missing links are:

making sense of our own experience

learning how to make our own choices from internal and external information sources

learning how to connect with our own wisdom

learning how to listen to and understand the messages from our sensate, physical body including our emotions

learning how to connect to our spiritual source of guidance


“I show you how, I do not tell you what to do”

Our schools, universities and workplaces have taught us "not to be emotional", dis-counting what we feel and what we intuit for what is logical, observable and factual. We are making our choices on half the information available to us.

"Could you imagine choosing to buy a house without seeing it, walking through it and feeling it? "

We tossed out making sense from our physical, sensory and emotional body.

Many of us have become incredibly factual, objective, logical, rational and;

emotionally, sensorily and spiritually anaesthetised.

We have looked up to the God of the rational since the times of Albert Einstein.

We don’t even know what we feel!


And then we complain that our lives or our relationships our unfulfilling! Or we have anxiety and confusion and we do not know what our body is telling us. We can not figure how we created the stress in our body in the first place.

The process of accessing our Intuitive Body Wisdom™ is all it takes to be shown how to notice what is there already. You have not been paying attention to the wisdom in your body as your experience is not validated in a world that teaches you that is what is important is to listen to others, find answers from others and re-gurgitate what others know.


Intuitive Body Wisdom™ takes us the next step in human evolution. Intuitive Body Wisdom™ puts the baby back in the bath water!


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When you learn how to discover the wisdom in your body you will be amazed at what and how it speaks to you! Integrate that knowledge with what you think and what you imagine and have a passport to being more than you could have ever imagined.

Imagine how much more powerful and connected you can be when we have all the dimensions of our experience and wisdom available to us.


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 “Noticing Your Energy”

What the free e-book is about

This e-book is one of the exercises my clients have found extremely valuable at the start of their journey.  The skill of “Noticing” is the first key to accessing your Intuitive Body Wisdom™. When you do the exercises in this eJournal you will deepen your awareness of connecting to your sensory body. A first step in learning to listen to and understand the messages from our body.

Like all good recipes, once you learn them you will adapt and modify and make them your own. Come back and share what you have learnt. Write a review of the EJournal. Sharing your experience helps others and we can create a community. We are in this together. There is still much to learn.

So go on take some action to discover your own body wisdom.

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