Do you go around in circles when you have to make a choice not knowing what to decide and either choosing the wrong thing and regretting it or you don't choose and you feel stuck?  

What if you could learn new ways to choose powerfully that are aligned with your inner truth and heart's desire? What if you knew how to notice what choices;


Light you up

Sense and feel right even though your thinking, rational mind tells you differently

Create new pathways and new ways to overcome obstacles

You are tolerating but are not really for your highest good

Are connected to a deep sense of your purpose in life and who you are


Well yes, you can! 

Would you like to become an explorer of your innate wisdom?


Action for today and this week

Today pay attention to how your physical sensory body responds to invitations and choices. Your physical sensory body responds with tingles, tension, ease, expansiveness, tightness, changes in temperature, paralysis, feelings, aches, pains and more. Find out when you start to notice.

While learning to deepen this knowledge it is good to practice on small choices. Even when you are asked what you want for dinner, whether you will go for a walk, what to watch on TV, will I walk this way or that way, what flavour ice-cream etc.

The better you get at connecting with your inner wisdom on the small things, the more powerful you will be with the big choices in life.


There are 4 things to notice in your body:

1: YES

When you say YES to some thing and you really know it is right for you.

2: NO

When you say NO to something and you really know that No is right for you.


When you are unsure, maybe you say yes, but on second thoughts really mean no, or you say no, and really mean yes.

4: PRETENDING Sometimes we pretend to want to do something and say YES even though we know we really want to say No.

Sometimes we pretend we don’t want something and say NO even though we know we really want to say Yes.

These are often times when we are pleasing others or doing something as we believe it will make us look good or others will love us etc.


Learn to notice the difference in your physical sensory body responses You will come to realize this is incredibly valuable body data for learning how to be able to choose powerfully.

Anytime you have to make a choice even if all the rational reasons in the world would have you say YES because everyone else thinks something is right for you, if you are in touch with your body’s response you can check in and see if it feels good deep in your body.


I invite you to play with this, test it out, learn to connect with the deep sensory, energetic and spiritual messages that arise through your body/spirit.


I will share more on energetic and spiritual responses in future blogs. Today we are just focusing on our physical sensory responses. One skill at a time to


Connect with your own Inner Guru

Ready to go?


How is your body responding right now?

Does your body feel like taking action immediately.

Do you feel energized?

Do you tingle with anticipation?

Do you feel a deep sense of freedom, ease and contentment?

Do you feel a sense of dread?


There is no wrong or right answer it is what your body does that you are finding out. So go on find out how your body responds to a YES, a NO, a MAYBE and a PRETENSE.

Love to hear what you find out post your questions and comments below. I will always respond.

Love and blessings to you accessing your own Intuitive Body Wisdom



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