Hanging Swinging Thrusting Shape and Stillness  

Let your body move and notice the body wisdom stored in your body movement

4 different body shapes, energies and actions

hanging - you know the type person who is very laid back, they literally hang around

swinging - then their are those who swing from activity to activity, they are light hearted

thrusters - action orientated types who boldly take lots of action and get things done and find it hard to hang around

shapers and stillness - then there are those of us who have taken on being still in life, people who love yoga and meditation do lots of shape and stillness


There is nothing wrong or right about any of these body shapes, and actions. They are all different:

Different energy Different purpose Different way of being

What if you are mainly a thruster and you have never learnt to hang around, or to swing to go along with others or to be still?

What if you are more of a shaper and stillness type of person and you are not as good at thrusting, taking bold action and getting things done, or at being laid back and at going along with others as you control your shape?

What if you prefer a body shape as a hanger, yes, you literally hang around and wait for some-one else to initiate and never do yourself?

And so on.

So what if this week you noticed what body movement you spend most of your time in:

swinging hanging thrusting shape and stillness

and when you notice....

Give yourself permission to play with one of the other types of movement and energies.


Walk as if you are just hanging around, or being gently pulled by a big balloon in a soft breeze, just hanging at the end of a string. Swing

Walk with a swing, yes, swing along, maybe your swing even moves into a skip, see how much fun you can have with swinging along. Swing your arms and your legs, notice what happens to your face and shoulders when you swing. Do a waltz in your lounge room. Thrust

Walk Boldly Walk boldly, do some karate chop movements, throw imaginary paint ball in the air thrusting along Shape and Stillness

Walk slowly with lots of stillness. Stop and smell the roses along the way. Notice being in different shapes as you stop to bend down, look sideways, turn to look up to the sky and hold for a few moments enjoying the embrace of the universe.



in your lounge room in a park walking down the street

You can do this anywhere and be unnoticed or you may gradually lose inhibitions and play and realise it does not matter if some-one notices you. If they are maybe they will mirror you and start swinging along with you playfully! or a thruster may slow down when they see you stopping and enjoying natural beauty along the way.


You can do one a day


play with all 4 at one time

Play and Notice

Notice what happens to you Notice what happens to others around you Notice when you are one of these movements and so is the person with you Notice when you are in one movement and the person with you is the opposite


Let your body move and notice the body wisdom stored in your body movement

Love you to share what you notice below...