If you have a dream, you can be fixed on one way to get there. Or, you can open up to the mystery of life and follow many pathways to how you get there and see how life shows up for you when you go with the flow.


Take my son, Dave Dixon, he dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic when he was young. He took his first photos when he was 4, in his youth he spent hours on the roof of our house so he could take photos of the sunsets over the sea, the clouds and the storms.

At the time of leaving school and choosing a career he was unsure about how he could create a living being a photographer. He would have be to be the best. How could he be one of the best photographers in the world to become his dream?

He loved nature, so he chose environment studies. When he started work, he realised policy work was not for him, he wanted to work hands on with people to make a difference. From literally nothing he Co-founded, OneGirl, a not for profit that provides scholarships for girls education in Sierra Leone.

To generate understanding, for the girls' needs and to raise funds he had to become the story teller and filmmaker to share the stories of the girls.

He was invited to talk at a conference to filmmakers about his work last year.

People said to him, they "knew" him as a filmmaker and storyteller. He started to be offered jobs to create films for other people in their business. He has co-founded a successful charity, AND, he is now living his dream of being a story teller and filmmaker in his own business. Life was choosing him to be a filmmaker and storyteller, no matter what pathway he took. He has been one since he was 4 years old.

He did not push, he did not control. He followed his passions and his pathways in life chose him.


I love it when we let go of control, and live in the mystery of life see what pathways life throws up.

Letting go of control is not about stopping taking action. Yes, we still take the action and we go with the flow and navigate life, just like being  a sailor on a ship sailing from a to b. It is never a direct route, navigating the storms take us another way, the wind drifts us into our other pursuits. But when we allow our core being to pull us into who we are, our entelechy, the seed we were born to be, with all the ups and the downs, you still get to where you want to go, and maybe it is even better than you had planned.

And all of those ups and downs created strength, resilience and gifts to offer the world that would not be there if we had not been through those storms.

Life is beautiful and it is a mystery when you let it flow through you.

Where are you letting life choose you?

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