Many of us have a mid life crisis, some would say it escapes no-one. For some it is as early as 30, for others in their 40, or 50's. Some close the door and keep everything the same as it has been.



Others surrender, step out into the unknown, shed what no longer serves them, and discover their more authentic selves.


Is the word, "crisis", appropriate? or is it an opportunity?

What if we embrace our challenges as a time for inner reflection, for looking at what is true and what is false, for creating a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Joseph Campbell, Dr Jean Houston, and Angeles Arrrien all see a time of challenge in life as a turning point. It is our choice whether we take it up then. Often if we turn away from the challenge at one point in our lives, we are given another opportunity at another time.


We all need something different to have the courage to go through the door, develop the skills and strength to get to the other side and to birth the new.


So, what are you yearning for?

A better relationship?

A different job?

Are you in a place of uncertainty? and of doubt? that what you are doing is what nourishes yourself soul and sustains a joyful sense of yourself.


What will you do to strip away what does not serve you, and what is not a reflection of your true self.


My experience of going into the under world in mid life, enabled me to connect my thoughts with my feelings, my senses, my imagination, and my spiritual connection and created the work that I now call 'Intuitive Body Wisdom".


Shonte Jovan Taylor, interviewed me on the Law of Attraction Radio Network.

Listen in here to my journey of my path to success early in life, how I sabotaged myself and how I re-birthed and blossomed in mid life.

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