One of the first exercises to access your Intuitive Body Wisdomâ„¢ is to practise "Noticing your Energy".

Notice what you are attracted to.

Notice what you turn away from.

Notice what gives you energy.

Notice what takes your energy away.

Take this action daily and you will gain rich information that will start letting you know what actions you are taking that are for your well being and what actions you are taking that are sabotaging the very things you most want.


This exercise is in a downloadable eJournal that you can use daily to record what you are noticing. 

Set an intention daily to notice an aspect of your life.

Write notes in the eJournal.

Notice what recurs and forms a pattern.

Notice the consequences of your actions.

As you learn how to understand the messages from your body you will learn to give yourself what you need to stop sabotaging yourself and create the success, relationships and life of your dreams.

Take the first step today.

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