There is a real pull in society to "think" about things.

Yes, so? you are thinking, isn't that wise?

Well yes, and no. When we think and sense with our whole body awareness, integrating what we are thinking into what we feel and sense we are aligned and authentic.

And no, when we think something and ignore our feelings and senses which result in our actions and feelings being the opposite of what we say and think.

Our being and our thinking becomes confused, mis-aligned, inauthentic, call it whatever you like, but when, what we say and think, and what we feel and do, are the opposite, it isn't good for us or the people around us!

The only problem is we have been taught how to "say white lies", to do what we don't want to do, to ignore our feelings and our senses, to think and not to feel. We are so used to the tension and inner turmoil of doing this that we often don't realise we are acting in ways that are not aligned with our truth. Even if we do not know consciously, our body remembers, the inconsistency. One of the worse things we can do as an adult is to override our truth and do what "we think we should", rather than learn to trust our body as an internal navigator, leading us to our truth. It does not have to be this way.


What a relief it is to feel alignment, to speak your truth and feel free in your body at the same time.


I invite you to discover alignment and mis-alignment in your body right now. 

First, imagine you are telling me about something you were asked to do when you were a child or an adolescent and you did not want to do it, but you did it anyway.

I will give you an example:

My older sister was tall and attractive. She went in 3 beauty queen pageants as a young adolescent and won them! Good for her. I was happy for her.

The only problem was, when I was 16, my Mum wanted me to do the same.

Now I was a horse lover. I would ride my bike to the stables at dawn, be riding on the beach with my dear dog, Jodie, trailing behind me before school. Back to the stables after school and then wanting to fall into bed with my smelly, horsy clothes on after dinner. Mum would be hot on my heels to have a bath. "Hmm, ok," I would say, "but I love the smell of stables, straw, leather from the saddles, do I have to?"

So, the picture of me in a beauty contest does not quite fit does it!


If you are with your partner or a friend, share together and I would love you to share with us in the blog below, something you did, but it was not your truth.

When you say what you did, remember how you felt. Feel what it was like right now.

What are you sensing? do you feel irritated, yucky, uncomfortable, tense?

Maybe, you don't feel uncomfortable anymore, as you resolved that a long time ago and have peace about that situation. But, our body remembers. Can you remember how you did feel?

I don't feel any upset about going in a beauty contest now. This is just an example of how whatever we do in life, our body holds the memory and when we are doing something we don't want to do, or does not feel right for us, our body feels the dis-connect, the lack of alignment with our truth.


If you did that exercise, shake out your body right now. 

Yes, shake it out, literally stand up and shake the memory out of your body, shake your voice out too, with a babble or an ah ah aha agh!


Now, speak your truth. Yes, if you are home on your own, speak out loud something you love, let your body sing with delight, feel the freedom, ease and grace in speaking your truth. Dance or move as you say what you love, draw what you love, celebrate what you love. How does your body feel now?


You might ask, what does this have to do with anything important in your life right now?

Well, at any time of the day, you may be asked to do something that does not sit quite right with you. You may be totally obliging to your boss as you were told to be compliant when little; you may say yes, to a neighbour's request as you can not put your needs in front of others; you may do something for your partner but you don't really want to and then you resent it afterwards.

The more we speak and live our truth the more freedom we have and surprisingly the easier our relationships become. We are more likely to have less conflict as there are clearer boundaries, less resentment, less blame, less avoidance and more respect, co-operation and trust.

Changing habits sometimes takes a lifetime, but it does get easier.

Look forward to hearing your stories.

Love Deb