On this episode of the Access Your Body Wisdom Podcast I interviewed Cindy Jacobs, an Equine Facilitator who partners with horses as coaches for personal development.  

I trained in Equine Facilitation in 2011 in both Colorado and Australia.  I was fortunate to attend one of these training programs at Free Reign Australia where Cindy has a herd of 16 horses at liberty on about 100 acres of beautiful land. These horses accom


For this show I asked Cindy to share her view of What is Body Wisdom. She also shares how the horses enable us to have a felt experience of being in our body and accessing our own Body Wisdom if we have spent much of our life dis-connected fromour bodies, our emotioan and our sensory awareness. These are keys to finding your own authenticity and becoming your own guru.


If you are interested in accessing many ways to listen to the wisdom in your own body and become your own guru this episode will be valuable to you. If you are a coach, consultant, author or a speaker you will also find this extremely valuable.


In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What happens when you listen to your voice
  • What happens when you sing for joy
  • Times to sing
  • How singing releases energy from our body
  • Bouncing back with the dis-ruptions in life
  • The voice being a barometer for our health
  • Listening to the voices that come through us, the saboteur, our wisest self, the nurturer
  • Four voice exercises you can do when walking driving, in the shower any time to listen for the wisdom in your voice
  • And so much more!


Items mentioned in this episode include: 

International workshops in Australia in September with Voice Movement Therapy Rising


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