Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my call out for book titles. About half of you liked "A Practical Guide..." and half like "A Playful Guide to...." I will share my draft cover with you soon.

I remember when I started this website and blog a year ago, I shared some of my playful ways of connecting to your Intuitive Body Wisdom.

So over the next few weeks I am going to share some playful practices for you to connect with your body wisdom.

I trained to be an InterPlay leader many years ago now and incorporate many of the wonderful processes into my work and into my life.

Play creates connection in moments

cate and me
cate and me

I flew to Tasmania recently, as a very generous friend, Cate, let me look after her house while she was away for a couple of months. She knew I would love to spend some time down there in winter to see to see if I want to live in Tassie. 

I walked off the plane, and was picked up by Cate's friend and in moments we were chatting as if we had known each other for years. Why? Well Henry is an InterPlayer, and coincidentally he lives near my friend.

Within an hour of landing we were at an InterPlay gathering. I connected to a wonderful Tasmanian InterPlay community who welcomed me like a long lost friend and we played, laughed, storied, and danced together and that was the first 2 hours of my trip.

As it happened 2 InterPlayers lived near me. In the first weeks of settling in we gathered in each other's houses to share big body stories. What a delight!

What is a big body story?

In InterPlay, we don't just "talk", in stillness, as we have become accustomed as adults in society. We give ourselves permission to fully express ourselves with our bodies, our voices, using different voice tones, character voices, movement, song, shape, stillness.

It might sound a bit weird but once you get accustomed to being in your body and letting your body express itself, you will be amazed at how free you feel inside your body, and out.

paddy melon
paddy melon

In my big story, I danced a happy dance and shared the story of how much I was loving living in the country, living with the daily rhythms of the light and dark, talking to the dear little wallabies who would come looking for a treat morning and night, walking through paddocks full of daffodils, butterflies with flocks of parrots flying over, resting under my Avatar tree........ that is my feet in gum boots below!

In InterPlay we share intimate details about what we love, makes us alive, what makes us sad, playfully and with grace with laughter, with the whole body of ways we can express our being alive. etc etc We have ways of creating rapport and connection very quickly that would sometimes take years to develop in a 'normal" meeting of new friends.

Allowing yourself to do a big body story might sound daunting when you have not given yourself permission to play since you were a little kid, so I invite people to start gently and start to experience the joy of being in your body and playfully expressing yourself in long forgotten ways.

Play isn;t something to talk about it is something to do - play is a verb, so in the next blog, I share a start to bringing play into your life and connect to your body wisdom in daily life, with noticing when you swing, hang, be bold like a karate, or take on shape and stillness.

You can find it here...

Hanging Swinging Thrusting Shape and Stillness

In the meantime, what do you do to easily connect to new people? You can share your stories below.

Love Deb