Have you ever felt nervous about taking on something new and you thought the nervousness meant not doing it so you stopped yourself, then later on you thought, “Why didn’t I take that opportunity, go there etc.” You thought the nervousness meant, “do not take a risk and stay with what you know”. It may have meant that and it may have meant something else. Our emotions do mean different things for different people in different contexts.

The more you pay attention to your body’s responses and notice your feelings the more you will start to understand the message your feelings are telling you in any particular situation.

Here is a brief introduction to understanding a new way to take actions based on the feelings in your body.

This is a guide. It is not prescriptive. Check yourself what the meaning of your feelings are for you in your current situation. We are all different but there are some common meanings of our feelings across cultures.


Is often related to needing to take new actions.  Our old ways no longer work for us. Check that you may have exhausted all current possibilities. Imagine new pathways, new options and new choices. Be creative and imagine totally new ways to understand your situation.

 Anxiety, Nervousness or Fear

Is often related to safety, security or confidence issues. Check what you need to do to feel safe and secure about a choice. You are responsible for your safety. If you want to choose a new pathway and you feel anxiety check in with yourself to see if there are ways to create safety. If there are not ways to create safety your fear or anxiety may be warning you that it is not a right choice for you. Only you will know.

Joy, Bliss, Expansiveness

Is often related to a right path for us. This usually means the choice, thought or action is right for you. Check in with yourself. Does this feel true for you? Is your body opening up to what will give you great joy? Will you take it? Are you ready to enjoy the joy, bliss and expansiveness of this choice? Do you allow yourself to really feel joy?


Is often related to respect and boundary issues. Where have you let someone walk all over you? Where have you let some-one take away your power? What do you need to do to restore your self respect?

Does this mean you are angry and blaming someone for a choice you have made in the past? If you begin to make choices for your self how does that feel in your body? Allow the anger, which is energy to be released in a safe way. Running, beating a cushion, yelling in the shower are safe ways to release anger. Taking action for yourself to create respect will release the anger.


Is often related to blaming some-one or yourself for something that happened in the past. This is also related to living with regret and living in the past rather than knowing you have influence over the present and your future.

Who are you blaming for your current situation? How can you take responsibility for creating your life now? Rather than blame others, see where you can take action to restore your personal power, and respect your ability to make choices for yourself? See how you can focus taking action now to create a better future rather than be resentful about something that happened in the past. Learn to accept your regret and take new actions to be happy with your next choices.


Is often related to loss. What needs to be honored, cared for loved? How can you allow yourself to feel sadness at lost opportunities or the loss of something? What can you do to love and care for yourself to allow the sadness to flow through you? Feel the sadness and let it be released.

This is an introduction to understanding the messages from your feelings. There is much to learn from your feelings.


An Invitation Today

Notice what you are feeling about a situation or a choice you have to make.

Take a moment to be present with the feeling, sense it and rather than react to it muse about what is message that the emotion wants to tell you.

What action does the feeling want you to take to bring you to a state of contentment and satisfaction.

Love you to share what you find out in the comments below.

Here’s to learning new messages from your emotions.


Love Deb