It is likely you are successful in the world at some things and you are not as successful at others.  Perhaps you are…


  • successful with logical, rational choices but not as successful in your relationships
  • successful making money but you have a lot of conflict and tension
  • great with relationships but you are exhausted all the time and you can not figure out why.


If you were born in the 21st Century what is prevalent in the way our parents, teachers, managers, bosses, governments, churches have told us is look outside ourselves and to look up to “outside experts” to tell us the answers. Sure there is nothing wrong with seeking information from others. But…


Were you taught how to make sense of what others are telling you to do and synthesise it with your own inner knowledge so it becomes your own inner wisdom?


Probably not!


What is the consequence of relying on others and not connecting within? Are you sometimes…


  • Confused
  • Don’t know where to turn
  • On an endless search
  • Addicted to “things” to fill up the void
  • Tolerate “unhappiness, conflict, dis-respect” as if that is the norm
  • Needing to be in control


Let’s take a moment to remember all you have available to answer your challenges. You have unlimited access to your consciousness and consciousness in the universe via your


  • physical sensory body
  • logical, rational, thinking mind/body
  • imaginative, pictorial, symbolic mind/body
  • spiritual, energetic  "body"


Are you accessing all pathways to access our wisdom? Let’s go back to when you were a baby. You learnt by:


Tasting, touching, smelling, looking, testing, exploring, asking, babbling, moving, drawing, playing, imagining. Basically all of your body, mind and soul – let’s call this holistic learning and knowing.


Then something happened. It is likely you were told to stop doing some things.

  • don't cry, don't get angry, don't get frustrated….well almost don’t feel!
    • gradually dis-connecting you from your emotions
  • don't trust your gut, don’t trust what you can not see, don’t trust what you imagine
    • gradually dis-connecting you from your innate senses
  • don’t think for yourself you are not old enough, listen to me, do as I say not what I do, do not trust what you imagine
    • gradually dis-connecting you from your self-worth, your initiative, your creativity, your abilities to solve things for yourself
  • don’t draw like that, copy me, stop playing you are too old for that, don't ask any more questions
    • gradually dis-connecting you  from your creativity


Now some of these may not be true for you and some may be, and of course you may have experienced different degrees of these at some time in your life. Our parents, teachers, leaders have done the best they could do f0r us at the time. As Deepak Chopra says, in his article, "Thinking Outside the Skull", 'Music comes our of a radio, but that doesn't mean that radio = music. There is no logical substantiation that brain = mind. "


Now you can re-connect to all the  multiple ways to access deep consiousness from dimensions of your human experience that have been anaesthetised, or dis-counted and are laying dormant. In reality they are not laying dormant, they are screaming out at you to listen – it is just you may not know how to listen and you may not know what to do with the information your body is sending you. Some of these are…


Noticing – your perception of yourself and your world

Sensing – your physical sensory body and the energetic qualities of others and locations

Discovering – your spiritual connection


Take Action Now


In your journal make 3 lists.


  1. I am happy with….
  2. I am not as successful or happy as I would like to be in…..
  3. My sensory and energetic response to each item.


When you are writing both lists take the time to notice what you are sensing when you imagine and feel each item. So don't just think about the items; feel them, sense them, connect with them energetically. Jot down notes against each otem as you sense this information. With which items does your body sense…


  • openness and expansion?
  • being contained, restricted, closed off?
  • tingles of delight?
  • freedom?
  • control?
  • heaviness
  • lightness
  • peace
  • joy
  • what else?


Do you have a choice to make today? Before you do sense what responses your body has to the different possibilities before choosing. The more aware you are of your physical sensory responses the more you will be able to choose powerfully what is right for you. This is just one of the ways to open up to new possibilties to access your Intuitive Body Wisdom.

Love you to share what you are finding out below. So go on take some action to discover your own Intuitive Body Wisdom. Leave a comment below and I will send you a free guide to 'Sensing Your Well Being".





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