You never know what is going to happen tomorrow so doing today what is essential for your well being is one of my themes for 2014. A few years ago everything I ever had fell apart and I started my life from a blank sheet of paper. My Mother passed away, my now ex-defacto partner exploited me, I sold my house, moved countries and my job no longer existed.

My kids were young adults who had left home, no parents to help anymore, no house to look after, no partner to look after, it was only me who I had to look after for the first time in my adult life. I thought, life is short, I have some catching up to do.

I wrote my bucket list on a blank sheet of paper and have been ticking them off one by one.

These are some of the things that were on my list:

1: Volunteer in Sierra Leone with my son’s NGO - done

2: Spend time with my son Mykel who was living in Cambodia - done

3: Live in an artists and writers retreat to write a memoir about caring for my Mum until she passed away at home - done

4: Travel overseas with both my sister and brother maintaining family connections - done

5: Train in equine facilitation and connect with horses and nature - done

6: Start a new online business to share what I have learnt about relationships and life with fellow wisdom seekers - doing

7: Write and publish books, online courses, host webinars and speak about knowing yourself, your relationships, life and work  (currently doing with a 20 year intention)

8: Purchase a rural property, grow my own veggies, garden, make art, have animals and live close to nature



So with a blank sheet of paper I began my life again with all the energy and passion of a 20 year old.


Rosie Meleady interviewed me for her Magazine ‘Life is Short”.

You can listen to the interview here.

“Having your 20’s in your 50’s”  

What would you be doing if you thought, "Life is Short" I had better do.....

Has there been a time when what you had dis-appeared and after grieving your loss saw this as an opportunity to start again?

Take Action Today

What is on your bucket list?

As always taking the time to reflect and then act by writing your comments down can help you gain insight into your life, and sharing may very well create an opening for some-one else.

Blessings to you and your life


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