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If you are at the beginning of a new job, a new relationship, a new location move, you may have a mix of emotions, and be excited, nervous, fearful or courageous. Is this really what I want?




Then we get familiar with the new, everything becomes known and comfortable and we have now entered the middle stage of a transition, we feel safe and secure. This is when we imagine that the world is always constant. Note I used the word "imagine".




Then at some stage we start to question what we have and what we don't have. Is this really fulfilling me? Is this really what I want? We start to have doubt.


Doubt leads to dis-belief


When the dis-belief arrives we have chosen to create an end. We start feeling we want to change location again, a friend moves on, our partner has not lived up to our expectations and we are in a transition again, we are coming to an ending.




In an ending we often feel mixed emotions, we have become attached, we are losing something, even if we choose to leave, we don't know what is going to happen next. We may have trouble letting go and we may have trouble creating the new. We muffle our way through it the best way we can, the ending, becomes a new beginning and then we get comfortable again and are in a middle.


beginnings, middles and endings are going on all the time


There are many ways you can be a wise navigator of transitions, in your life. One first step:


Create a sense of safety and security for yourself. What can you do right now so you can feel a sense of safety and security going through the transition to the next stage of your life?


We often have this misconception that life is fixed, stable, certain, and known. Well, when everything is still and not changing it is usually dead. Sounds a bit strong, but when you really think about it,


life is moving, alive, adapting, changing, all the time


What a difference it would make if you could feel safe and secure in the unknown, at the beginning, at the ending and in the middle.


Love to hear how you create safety at times of uncertainty. Share what you do below. Don't know how to create the safety you need? Leave a question or comment.