There is a high incidence of bullying at work AND bullying at home in Australia. Whilst we can look at the negatives of this situation, we can also celebrate what it has taken for people to be safe enough to be vulnerable and transparent.

What has this taken?

  • trust that people will be OK when they share the truth of their experiences
  • trust that safety is being created in places for people to voice their truth
  • trust that we as a community are providing the nurturing needed for our neighbours at work and at home to renew the creation of safe places for us to work and live

We can cry out how horrified we are, but, we always knew it was there, didn’t we?

It is just that it was behind closed doors and it was not Ok to talk about being bullied out in the open. We tolerated it, we moved jobs, we stayed and became oppressed or we spoke up and were silenced. The statistics on presenteeism and lack of engagement in workplaces suggest we have been doing something dreadfully wrong in creating fear and intimidation, not trust and safety in many of our workplaces.

People who do not feel safe psychologically, work in fear. Where there is a lack of respect, intimidation, a lack of feeling valued or belonging, people do not voluntarily contribute more than the minimum requirements.

But now, people can be transparent and share the truth of their experiences in safe places.

"Cascades of human trust, nurture cultures of inclusivity and creativity" deborah lange


Let us celebrate:

  • bullying behaviour is now on our agendas to be transformed
  • our workplaces training people to be skilful at resolving their own inner conflicts without resorting to having power over others through coercion and bullying
  • people who have the conviction of their beliefs and the courage to speak up and share what is happening
  • the connection to our conscience that leads us to say, it is not OK to bully, abuse or harm others no matter what culture, what religion, what sex or age
  • the creation of safe havens for people to release the tension from being bullied and abused
  • the creation of places of trust, where people can speak their truth and be transparent.

In those safe spaces as the spirit heals, our conviction becomes stronger and we can show care for ourselves and others.

Nature, Nurture and Neighbour

It is in our nature to care and nurture each other. We are social beings. Our society depends on us creating cultures of trust, respect and truth so that we can work and play with our neighbours, feel safe, belong, contribute and share to create thriving organisations and communities. What steps can you take right now?

1: Hand over trust to those who you work with and create a safe space for people to share, feel valued and sense belonging to a greater purpose.

2: Learn to listen without criticism or negative judgement when anyone shares themselves and their ideas. 3: Share yourself, share your dreams your loves your interest your fears. The more we share the more we connect with another. 4: Practise listening without cutting in, listening without putting an idea down, listening without speaking over someone. 5: In your team or home, name all the behaviours that are not OK. Name the opposite behaviour that is respectful.

6: Choose the 5 - 7 top priorities and commit to creating workplaces and homes that are safe psychologically, spiritually, physically and mentally.

7: Agree on a time for a regular check-in to keep on increasing trust where we live and work. Where to from here?

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