Do you ever go round in circles when "thinking" about problems or resolving conflict or trying to get to the bottom of something. Have you noticed that you may be predominantly sitting still when problem solving? As an adult we have been trained into "thinking" that we need to be still to do all our thinking! This makes it much more difficult to tap into sensing and our body wisdom.

But, what about all of those "ahh haha " moments you have when in the shower, not thinking about anything! or when out for a walk or a bike ride, all of a sudden the solution appears!


Walking and talking can open up meaning from your body sensing and intuiting that does not surface when you are still and doing lots of "thinking".


Start small.

Start on your own or with a trusted friend.


Start with Walking and Talking


Walk side by side with a friend outside, or even around your lounge room, and rather than having the usual conversation where both people are talking, chipping in etc, play a game of walk, talk and listen.


Take it in turns.


Both people walk, one person shares their story, the other person listens, nods and affirms with hmms, no questions! (Questions make the questioner lead the story.) This is about you both being free to share your story and freeing yourself up by walking, not being led anywhere by being questioned.

When one person has finished, let the other person share their story. You both walk. They talk. You listen.

When you have both shared your story, then you can take turns at saying, how was that for you? do you want to share some more? Move into a normal conversation.


Love you to share what opens up for you when you walk and talk.

Where are you walking and talking?

What did you notice?

How did you feel being the listener?

How did you feel being the storyteller?