What do you want to know about accessing your body wisdom?

I am currently on retreat in beautiful Tasmania. I have been spending less time on the internet and the computer, more time, collecting wood and making the fire, walking down to the "Mother" tree like in Avatar, cutting apple for the paddy melons (small wallabies), taking carrots to the horses, cooking nourishing home made food.

I have been doing some work, writing my book and my online course. As I clarify what goes in, and what to leave out, I thought I would have another check in with you to find out what questions are the most compelling for you at the moment.

I am asked many questions like:

How do I know what my emotions mean?

How do I connect my mind and my body?

How do I know if a relationship is right for me?

How do I connect with my spiritual guidance?

How do I stop some-one bullying me?

How do I know whether to leave my job?

How do I know which voice to listen to, there are so many in my head?

And the list goes on.

I love your questions as I am passionate about guiding you to access your own wisdom. I love to see you making choices for yourself that bring out the best in you, your relationships, your dreams, resolving conflict, learning to self love and creating peace and freedom for yourself and your life.

I love the way you share with me how what you do influences your partners, your family, your work colleagues, just because you have shifted your way of being.

A way of being where you are aligned with your truth, you know what is love and what isn't, you create boundaries of respect. You do not have to "change" anyone, you are in your own field of energy taking care of yourself lovingly and that ripples out into the communities where you participate daily.

Just the other day, someone, said to me, " I am so proud of myself, after that exercise we did in your workshop, I am already, saying "No", when I would have previously said, "Yes". I notice what my body is saying and know in my body I have the freedom to choose for me, not for anybody else anymore."


So what would you like to know about accessing your own innate body wisdom, and connecting with your own inner guru?


You can respond in the comments below or if you wish you can write your question in this simple form. If you are not a subscriber make sure you subscribe here, as over the next month I will be releasing free exercises for subscribers prior to the launch of my course. I am excited to be bringing this to you.

Love to you