On the theme of what to create for the new year, I wrote a guest post for Denise Duffield-Thomas called, “A Reality Check, What is the purpose of your business?” If you are in business make sure you read it and see if you have been pulled off course from your principles or life path, and adjust your actions to get back on track.

If you are not in business you may very well like it too!


One of my principles of life was to have a small business so that I could have work/life balance as I valued my family and I did not want working for some-one else to be a priority over my family. (that is me and my 2 sons in the picture above)

Things didn’t quite work out that way as it was easy to be seduced by achievement and work success and some of the principles that I valued slipped through the cracks.

Another one of my principles was to “walk my truth”. Another way of saying be congruent with what I say and what I do. This is actually a lot harder to do in practice than it is to speak. Why? As we all have blind spots.

"walking my truth" is still one of my principles.

I used to compromise my principles in a past relationship. What I learnt from that is that my body just did not feel good when I was giving myself and my principles up for some-one else. This is a good trigger to see if I am giving myself up somewhere in my life.

Whether it is life or work, knowing what we hold dearly can help us do what is in our best interests, and as a consequence create better relationships with ourselves and others.

What are your guiding principles to keep you navigating your life path?

When was a time you had the best of intentions but something fell through the cracks?

Had you given up one of your principles?

Did you get back on track or start a new direction?

I constantly check in that my principles are aligned with my actions and I am pleasantly surprised with the boundless energy, tremendous freedom and expansion within me now.

Take Action Now

What are the principles for your life and business? How do you check in and keep track your actions are taking you to where you want to go? Leave your comments below.

You can read my guest post here on Denise's site 

Before you go do post your comments below about your principles for life and work. Naming them helps bring them into your reality.

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