Do you go into overload? Have "analysis paralysis", get overwhelmed and then feel bad?What if there is another way?

Access the wisdom in your body, as a moment by moment practise.

I was coaching Claudia, this morning on her feeling of "helplessness", even though she is a successful vet.

Claudia said, “ I am dealing with the helplessness I have felt since I was a child. I wanted to make my Mum happy, and there was nothing I could do.”

I said, “Ok, Claudia, you understand, why you feel helpless, and you can track back to the situation in your life when you first felt helpless, however, understanding the situation has not released the feeling of being helpless. This feeling and the thought of not being able to help your Mother is blocking you leading a fulfilling life."

‘Claudia, as you know I am guiding you to access your own inner wisdom. I am inviting you to use all of your senses to see what message you can find from this body feeling."

"I invite you to do a quick body scan and find where, what you call “helplessness” is located in your body."

She said, “ I feel it in my stomach.”

I then invited Claudia to become very present to what “helpless” felt like in her stomach. To sense and to notice, feelings, textures, shapes, sounds, colours, images, temperature and movement. The intention was to be present to the physical sensory experience that she called, “helplessness”.

Claudia said, “My stomach feels hot.

I then invited Claudia, to connect and invite the “hot” sensation to give her a message. The message may come in many forms, it may surface as a word, an image, an invitation to move, to voice something, and it may come later in a dream or as an insight the next day.

Claudia connected to her stomach and the hot sensation. She said, “My hot, helpless sensation in my stomach is saying, “I am angry and I need to move”.

I said, “ That is great and it was very quick getting such a precise image and message. “

I asked Claudia if she knew that she was angry before I had guided to her body awareness of “helplessness”.

She said, "No".

Accessing the wisdom in your body is a moment by moment practise. It can be quick, like Claudia found in literally minutes or sometimes it takes a little longer. In my experience it is definitely quicker than over analysing whatever you are going through, and going around and around in circles with your thoughts, leading to endless anxiety, a dis-connect between what you think and what you feel and ending in choices that sabotage your real truth.


I then shared ways Claudia, could get to know her anger, to release the pent up hot emotion, safely, that had been in her body for years and play her way into freedom, clarity and connection. When you connect with your body and all of your senses, you can uncover wisdom that is not available when you just "think" about a stuation. So if you are stuck on some life challenge, it can be as easy as it was with Claudia. In one session I can guide you to locate a message in your body and you can learn to do it for yourself. This is one way that I guide people to access their own inner wisdom and uncover truths that are revealed when we connect body, mind and spirit. Many people commit to being Mentored over a period of time to deepen and learn many methods over time with me, but one session for one challenge can be deeply transforming.


Contact me if you would like to sign up for one session on or if you are committed to a longer program apply here.


If you have realised you have hidden anger, you can purchase the 'How To Release Anger", Mp3 and eBook in the store.


Keep connecting to your body, and listen in to all of your senses, to access your inner body wisdom, the messages from your soul, that are guiding you to be your truth.


Love to you