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Amanda Starr asked me,


"I would like to know how to trust my intuition ... Or the signs my body gives me. Is getting a nervous feeling in your tummy a good or a bad sign?"

What a great question Amanda. What does it mean when I feel nervous?

What the nervousness in your tummy means is totally dependent on your situation. I can not tell you exactly what it means for many reasons. The critical one is in my work I guide people to interpret the messages for themselves.

I can share with you experiences and ways I have come to discern messages from my multiple intelligences. These ways have helped others discover how to find their truth.


When you ask, what does it mean when I feel nervous?...


sense the physical sensations explore them be with them sense to see if they shift amplify them notice if they dis-appear move your body and notice what happens talk and notice what happens draw and notice what happens imagine they are talking to you a dialogue with your body can be by way of a feeling, an energy, a word, an image.


Ask the nervousness:


What are you saying to me?


The meaning of the nervousness in your tummy depends on your context.

Nervousness could be excitement, on the other hand it could be fear surfacing.

Fear can be about needing to protect something, or creating safety.


You asked, "Is nervousness a good or a bad sign?

Notice the judgement you gave your nervousness. What would happen if you explored your nervousness without the negative or positive judgment?

The critical idea is to begin to explore and play with your physical body sensations, images, energy and test things out in a very dynamic, exploratory and playful way.

The mind has many voices so discerning which voice is talking to you, when you explore your senses is another critical component of understanding the messages through your body/spirit.

I guide people to turn those voices into your inner crew who become partners with you to bring you back to a peaceful state of being when events, people, locations, energy etc shift you off centre in some way!

I love helping by answering your specific questions. Please share your questions, challenges and insights on the blog below. I would love to start a regular Q and A blog, in addition to other stories I share to respond to your questions. Look forward to hearing what questions are coming to you now.