When you slip up do you fall down hard? wallow around for awhile? take a long time to get up on your feet?  

When you slip in the mud, does it take you long to get up? or do you fall down and stay there, wallowing around for awhile?
When you slip in the mud, does it take you long to get up? or do you fall down and stay there, wallowing around for awhile?


Do you have the resilience to bounce back quickly? get up, shake off what tripped you up, learn and enrich yourself from what you did not know and get on with what you were doing seamlessly?

I slipped up recently, yes, in the mud in this photo. I was so pleasantly surprised at how I bounced back up. It was like I almost didn't even hit the ground.

It reminded me how much I have learnt. Some years ago, when I slipped up, yes I made a mistake and made choices that were not in my highest good, I stayed down in the mud for a long time.

Now, I have unlocked my inner body wisdom code. It is my internal navigation system. It works like a barometer that very quickly sends me a message, NO, too hot, or too controlling, or dangerous; don't go that way,

YES, light, love, trust, freedom, this is something to resolve, overcome, meet; this way is light, this is what you need to do to give yourself love, this is what you need to do to overcome this obstacle and return to your freedom, expansion, love, peace and creativity.

So what is it that I do now?

Well in simple terms:

I listen in

into my body

my physical sensory body

I explore the physicality of my response to unlock the code

I sense a message

I move my body to respond to the message

I ask what do I need to do here

I am open to receiving a message in an image, a feeling, a word, a sense

I respond with what loving action I need to take for myself

I check in and see if I am now sensing a lighter, loving shift in my being

If so, away I go, on my merry path again.

Bouncing back to my content, loving, creative self.

If there is no shift, I explore again - back in the body.

connecting, mind, body, spirit

for freedom, connectedness, aliveness.

well being

in a dis-connected world

when the world is pulling you out of body and into your head, into your thoughts, into abstractions, into anxiety & confusion, their is a dis-connect from who you are, from your humanity, from your well being,

you too can be connected

to your true self

it's simple


it's complex




it's returning to all of you

coming back into your being

coming back into your body

nestle back in

we are embodied souls on this earth

come back home

into your body

and what will you find?



inner peace





you were looking for

in the wrong place

outside of yourself


come back in

into your body

into all of your senses

to enjoy the fullness of life

nestle in to your self/soul/body