What did 2 of the most powerful men, Sir David Attenborough and The President of the U.S., Barack Obama, in the globe say, in the answer to this question? How can we influence people to care about climate change and care for our earth?

David Attenborough said, "Connect with the feeling in your gut about how much you care about the natural world."

Obama said, "Nature is where humans have always gone for spiritual insight, whether it be to the desert, the mountain top or to the river. Nature is sacred to humanity, we need to retain our connection."

These are 2 of the world's most powerful men. Are they on to something here?

We all know Einstein said, 'We can not solve complex challenges with the thinking that created them."

I have said before, it is not thinking rationally that will solve our complex challenges, it is a new way of re-connecting our sensing and intuitive capacities that will generate a sense of the need to care for ourselves, one another and our shared responsibilities for the world that provides us with life. When we connect, there is no other option, we are compelled to make  a stand for justice, respect, care, appreciation of each other and life on earth.

In the model below I share simply, how I see our evolution in our thinking as we have grown to see the world as an open, inter-connected system.


Technology has helped us connect and share information about global issues at the press of a button. But what is it that technology can not do? Humans can care, have empathy can choose to respect each other and be more of what it is to be human and live in this beautiful world. Humans can also choose to be more machine like, lack a conscience and feelings and destroy each other and the world through greed, over-use and exploitation of natural resources or cruelty to one another.

What happens to you when you connect with the senses and feeling in your gut?

One of the things that I do is facilitate workshops partnering with horses and nature for personal insight and to increase personal effectiveness.

The participants are moved kinaesthetically, an awareness of blind spots is revealed, energy shifts as people settle into their body and became more congruent between what they say, do and feel. The shift in participants sense of being from the morning to the evening can be observed and felt. Fuller faces, more life, more ease, more grace and a sense of personal responsibility and an "I can" sense. Blame and looking scapegoats dis-appears.

There is an observable difference in some-one when they are connected to themselves self, or out of body, dis-associating from thought from body. Next time I am going to take photos of before and after.

What do you think of 2 of the most respected and powerful people in the world advising us to re-connect with what we feel in our gut, as an answer to solving global complex challenges? 

You can listen to the May 2015 interview here "When Attenborough and Obama Met" .

Keep on connecting.