Most people have heard Einstein's quote.

"We can not solve the problems of the world with the same mindset that we created them from."

I used to think this meant: If the mindset of being rational, logical, linear, predictive, controlling and imagining the world is a machine, is the mind set that has prevailed in the world for the last 200 years, we just need to change our view to a systemic view and we would develop different solutions. I imagine seeing the world as a scientist, an economist, a spiritualist, a social scientist, an artist, an environmentalist etc. I believed that if we could "get into the shoes" of how different people think, we could hold onto multiple views and create better ways to be in the world. I now realise this is a part of the answer, but it also has a limitation.

It is still THINKING

From my own personal experience, and from the work I do guiding others to be free to be their whole selves, I have found a different way of being that has opened up new possibilities beyond my imagination. There is a whole way of being in the world that I describe as being open to whole body/spirit knowing. This includes:

all of our senses

a spiritual connection within

a spiritual connection with the 'spirit" world and the animate world





the elements






our history


and more...

My life, the way I experience the world is so much richer as I have deepened into whole body/spirit knowing, not just thinking about things,


with whole body/spirit knowing comes the ability to improvise, to let go of control, to allow spontaneity and creativity to emerge as we give ourselves the freedom to come back to our senses, in a new way that allows the life within us and our communities to self-organise and adapt moment by moment.

I was at an InterPlay event, we were doing free form dance to a piece of music in pairs. We each had a partner who witnessed our dance and then we shared what we had noticed and what they had noticed. I began the dance from a curled up almost foetal position, quite restrained. I gradually unfolded and shook off the shackles that were restraining me. I gently birthed myself into my free spirit as I moved across an imaginary threshold and blossomed into a dance full of life, ease and creative expression.

How does your body want to dance today?
How does your body want to dance today?

Yes, my body knew a choice I had to make and how I would feel after I made that choice, way before my mind was ready to let go of control, and false beliefs and surrender to the truth of my body knowing. I now have the skills to be with my physical body sensations and emotions, learn from them and constantly shift in a dynamic energetic space from anxiety, inner conflict, tension to inner peace, clarity, freedom. Last week, I wrote about a situation where I did not listen to my body and you, my readers, responded with wonderful stories of what it took for you to start listening.

thank-you thank-you thank-you

  This week, do you have a story to share of how your body speaks to you, how you listen and what a difference that has made to your life? Perhaps it was something you "knew" and you trusted from your whole body, from art, from music, from, the rain, the wind, the land? Where do you play, and allow yourself to be free to encounter spontaneity, self-organisation, creativity, so your messages from your self/soul can speak to you, so you blossom? Love Deb P.S. If you haven't had time to read the post below. Please check it out. There are wonderful comments from amazing people about times when they did not listen to their whole body knowing and the consequences. Do You Make Choices and Later Regret Them