I was invited to participate in a Blog Hop by Selah Cambias. In a Blog Hop there are questions to answer about why I write. Thanks so much Selah Cambias!  This was very timely as you will read below. ( www.selahcambias.com)

Why Timely?

I was published yesterday as a co-author of 2 books on Amazon and both books were best sellers on the first day!! I am now a best selling author of 2 books!


The first book is called, “Thorns To Be Thankful For”, I wrote a synopsis of a time when I overcame adversity in my life with the intentions of helping others who may have life challenges.


The second book is called, “SkillShare: Learn How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things Every Day”.

This is a “How To” book, my chapter is about “How to Make Powerful Choices” based on what I learnt after making poor choices, and learning how to connect to the wisdom in my body to make choices that bring out the best for me.

Now To answer the blog hop questions:

1 What am I working on?

I am now completing my own book, “Your Body Knows”. That may not be the final title, but the intention is to share what I have learnt about relationships, love and body wisdom.  Connecting with my body’s wisdom to make good choices for love, relationships, my purpose in life and all the myriad of choices we make in our daily lives.

Yes, we have all been taught how to think and use our minds, but we threw the baby out with the bath water and forget we are embodied. Yes, love is embodied, relationships are embodied, we are embodied. We have this amazing body that is connected to our mind and spirit and we have created a dis-connect between body and mind, so many of us do not even feel love. We can talk about things and then when asked how do you feel, there is a blank.

Society pulls us to think in abstract terms with the language that we use, the books that we read, the technology and thinking processes that we are taught in our school systems and organisations.

We have forgotten when we separated body, mind and soul to understand how we function, that the parts are not all of who we are. If we only focus on one part we do not get the whole picture.

My theory, most of us are so dis-connected from our physical body and emotions, let alone our spirit, is it any wonder we make choices that hurt us, each other, nature and the world.

We have forgotten that our physicality and our senses are at work every day, and we ignore the signs that our body gives us that something is not loving, or a thought does not serve us, or the food we eat is not good for our body, or a person that we are interacting with is hurting us, or the work that we do destroys our souls.

Our body has an intelligence all of its’ own. And it has been there since before we had the language of words.

Whilst it is a natural instinct to protect ourselves by "leaving" our body and escape into our mind when there is any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma, we are not taught to release the trauma and to get back into our body and re-connect body, mind and soul.

I am currently working on answering the questions that I am commonly asked by enabling people to connect to their bodies to find the answers:

How do I know if this is the right partner for me? I hate being single what can I do? I have been “trying” to make my relationship work and feel there are lots of good things but then I don’t feel good about…, so what do I do? How do I know what my life prupose is? How do I choose what will lead me to peace, happiness, fulfillment?

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I keep pushing the boundaries. I have researched my own experience, the experience of the people I mentor, and travelled the world to learn from both indigenous wisdom and the most recent scientific studies.

I have learnt across disciplines; science, the arts, spirituality, the humanities, business, the environment. I have made sense of all this and have developed my own practical ways that I navigate the world and guide others to learn their own way.

3) So how do I differ in what I offer the people who come to me?

  1. In a society that has taught us to look to experts for our answers many do not know how to solve their own challenges. I do not tell people the answers or what I think is right for them. I guide people to connect with their own body, inner wisdom and truth so they can answer the questions themsleves forever.
  2. I transfer skills to people so they are not dependent on me, rather they have skills to use for the rest of their lifetime as new questions and events emerge again and again over your lifetime.
  3. I also speak about personal development theories that I believe may have had good intentions when they emerged, but now on the basis of additional information may no longer serve us well.

4) Why do I write what I do?

I have been on my quest since I was about 16. It has always followed one theme, to understand and make sense of the world and my experience to create my life with love and creativity and help others do the same. I began my adult quest as a teacher of children and moved to teaching adults in both educational institutions and the corporate world after doing additional extensive studies. After a period attending to family needs I took myself out of the workforce to learn from people, all over the world.

I have had experiences where I have been successful, I have had experiences where I have sabotaged myself, and I am now at a place where I know the difference. I am able to guide myself and others to create the happiness and success they desire in their choices.

I am compelled to share what has worked for me so that others may stand on my shoulders and learn and limit the mistakes they make to create the life and relationships of their dreams.  I have stood on the shoulders of others and I want others to stand on mine.

Every person that I help gives me great satisfaction that my life is worth living.

4) How does my writing process work?

I go with the flow. I know most writers would say to plan. I like to get into a flow and then go back and edit.

I have many drafts that are now being completed as I have connected the dots and can turn the information I have found into wisdom and into love.

I have my work for the next 20 years!!

If you want to join my 21 day love challenge. I share 21 days of actions that you can do to increase the love you have in your life, for your self, your partner or any loved one. You get to choose. Find out more here. This challenge is over, stay connected, for another one.

Love to hear your questions, comments and challenges below.

Thanks again Seleh Cambas. You can find her Blog Hop here.

With love