Private Mentorship with Deb

CEOs, CTOs, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Seekers, Mums, Dads ...

For leaders who want to take the next step in evolving their potential and the potential of their team. 

For seekers who want to take the next step in self-leadership to sense an inner knowing that guides your well being and fulfilment in life.


I love working with groups and in groups, but, by far the most profound shifts that have occurred for me, have been when I have worked directly with a Mentor.

If you want the privacy of asking direct questions, to be guided to sense your inner knowing, to uncover your blind spots, to explore your values and beliefs resident in your actions,  and to sense how to embody an alignment between what you think, say, feel and do, contact me to find out how we will work together.  

We can walk and talk if nearby, talk face to face in a coffee shop, or on a video call. No matter where you are in the world I will create the perfect space that is right for you to go deep, have insights that delight and surprise, and enable you to embody your whole self. From a place of accepting and being deeply who you are in the world, your next steps unfold in ways you are yet to imagine.

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This is not for everyone. It is for committed explorers who want to test out new actions, reflect and learn new navigation tools to guide you on your journey. It is for people who can listen to feedback, who want to go to places they may have not have explored before, and want a direct access to check in, ask questions, and be supported to approach life events with a new sense of being, as they occur. 

Whether you are looking to finally get something DONE, create a new business, change jobs, write a book, deepen a relationship, heal from past events, be more successful with clients, access your creativity, or wherever else you need…I’m here for you.

How will you and your life look 12 months from now with guidance from me?

It was such a gift to get to work with you.

Thank you profoundly for being you. ~ deb
— ~ Deb Helfrich ~ Wellness Philosopher, Complementary Health Concierge & Entrepreneur