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Deep, immersive, experiential discovery playshops
for company's who are serious about creating cultures that thrive, adapt and are human.

*fully customisable to suit your discovery days*

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Fine Art of Facilitation

processes are designed for your specific purpose.

Participative Strategic Planning Processes
Search Process
Action Learning and Action Research methods
Appreciative Inquiry
Technology of Participation TOP
Focussed Conversation Methods
Storytelling for Change
Fish Bowl for transparency
Circle Dialogue for collective conversations
Open Space Meetings for high commitment to action
Conversation Café for building community
Improvisation methods for resilience, adaptability and creativity
Team Shadow Observation
Non-defensive Face to Face Recipricol Feedback Methods
Discuss the Undiscussable Methodologies
Conflict Resolution Methods



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Leadership and Followship

for workplaces where everyone has the potential to be a leader no matter what their position and everyone is a follower.


The Fine Art of Facilitation

creating an environment where people can be at ease with one another and make magic together




Our Office


Locally and Globally via zoom

Walk and Talk

meetings in the local park, and CBD area.

Face to face experiential workshops  designed and delivered anywhere globally.



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Do you want a Mentor that enables you: 

to increase your capacity to think and sense outside the box?

to access your creativity?

to create your well being?

to increase the success and fulfilment you desire in business and life?


Are you a Manager or Business owner, and you want a Facilitator to design experiential workshops that enable your people to co-create and embody the culture of your greatest dreams?  Working together with increased cooperation, creating cameraderie as you celebrate your successes along the way. 


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