The Story Conference  
Truth Tales Nov 23 Melbourne

This is an invitation to come and play with voice, language, story, movement as we explore what happens when we speak “white lies” and what happens when we speak ‘truth tales” and become a new generation of Truth Tellers.

New ways to share stories that make the unseen and undiscussable visible in our lives and organisations.

If we can tell ‘Truth Tales” in our organisation one story at a time in a way that is safe for us and safe for others we are changing the culture through our stories.

Past Events

WSU event

Western Sydney University GradLife Event

Special guest and Western Sydney University Alumna Deborah Lange, social intelligence expert, spoke about making sense of professional complexities and fostering relationships and culture in organisations where our creativity can flourish.
Deborah shared stories of how she:
navigated her career in a non-linear pathway
embraced inter-disciplinary approaches
developed and integrated intellectual and emotional capacities