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Trust is in decline…

Deb brings new insights into how to tune into our physicality, like learning a new inner language that is there to guide us.
— Miha Pognacik, Global Leadership Speaker and Musician
By having this book in your hand, is like being coached by deb. Be ready to have all the cells in your body and your life transformed.
— Van Bradshaw, Author and Speaker

Trust in authorities and trust in ourselves. How do we restore trust within ourselves to make the best choices for ourselves, others and the environment in which we live? How do we create deep trust within our professional and personal relationships, so that we can enable one another to be our best?

Living in our heads, in a world dominated with abstract ideas and gadgets, as if we are more like technology than human, leaves us empty, stressed and alienated. This book invites us to reconnect thinking and sensing to embody what it is to be fully alive and human.

Trust Your Senses is a powerful call to listen to an inner language that is latent. When we reawaken our multiple intelligences, we have access to deep knowledge that can guide us to new ways of doing things, new ways of being and a new found freedom.


This book is a timely gift, I believe, very relevant to the woreld we live inhabit. Amd even more relevant to the future world we face.
— - Bob Dick, Retired Professor and Independent Scholar

We feel our aliveness & well being when we reconnect our senses.

Deborah guides us to not only think, but to connect with our senses and our intuition to help us grow. This book is a must read.
— Dr Ali Anani, Director Phenomena Communications
















Engagement in the workplace is at an all-time low.


People are tired of talking heads, they’re bored in the boardroom, and distracted by smartphones and apps.

To connect deeply, inspire creativity and encourage collaboration we need to update our approach to creating enabling workspaces. The perfect place to start is with our meetings, workshops, and events.  

As leaders in the emerging world of work, we can make exponential shifts in the way we work together when we learn, to Trust Our Senses, our Instincts and our Intuition, as we co-create our workspaces for people to thrive.


I show forward thinking companies how to design and deliver experiential conversations, meetings and events for greater influence and impact.


I teach practical techniques in how to;

  • Build trust quickly and effortlessly (taking your people to centre of what’s important with velocity)

  • Architect an atmosphere of play (enable a space where everyone feels safe to explore ideas without fear or intimidation)

  • Unblock static conversations through movement (encourage communication that is generative, progressive and contribution-centric through getting out of our heads and into our bodies)


Join me to learn hard-won secrets that will amplify your team’s engagement and ensure your continuing value as a leader, facilitator, and agent of change.


LEADing with CURiosity

LEADing with CURiosity


Through DEEP DIALOGUE on complex issues, WORKSHOPS for creativity and resilience capacity building, or MENTORING, individuals and teams experience the power of co-creating trust, empathy and belonging.

Together, we cultivate spaces that are safe enough to explore what it feels like to not know the answers. To build capabilities from where you are in your current challenges. These sessions are real, relevant, purposeful and human.

Organisations with a learning culture who invested in staff showed increased productivity by 52%, retention by 30-50% and a 17% increase in profit.
— Deloitte Bersin

creative and thought provoking

Work shops


Do you want a Facilitator that enables your people...

to experience co-creating high trust

to be non-defensive, curious & experiment

to work together cooperatively for the benefit of all

to play and celebrate your achievements 

My workshops are designed to give people a visceral experience of having the conversations that matter, face to face, one-on-one and in groups, embodying stepping up and leading, coaching, and following someone else's lead, in a rhythmic leadership cycle. 

I facilitate Deep Dialogue sessions on complex issues, where we compassionately build greater understanding on difficult topics, synthesise our differences and allow new ideas to emerge.

one on one mentoring




Do you want a Mentor that guides you... 

to access insights you did not know you had

to be more creative

to sense new ways to navigate our complex lives

to create what you want in life and business

to guide you as a person and a professional

A Mentor who sees you as bigger, more creative, more powerful & more wise than you see yourself.

My Mentoring practice enables you to become deeply self aware, to create empathy with others to create successful relationships with ease, to transform limitations, to discern when to change direction, and much more.




What they say


“I gained the inspiration that we can achieve our vision for BioMetrics SA in the future. I am committed to developing my leadership approach and empowering the team and at the same time maintaining a balanced lifestyle for myself and my family. Deborah has played a significant part in me gaining the confidence in my abilities to develop the team.”

– Ari Verblya, Director, Biometrics SA

"Deb’s creative and thoughtful session enabled individuals to express, reflect, adapt and connect in a safe, fun environment. Lessons emerged for all of us as she gently invited personal and group observations. Discussions about comparisons and contrasts with workplace dynamics switched on lightbulbs for everyone. The invigorating session offered different levels of participation, and accommodated introverts and extroverts alike. I recommend Deb’s approach to any organisation wanting to build high levels of trust and connection within the workplace."

– Julie Hassard, Living Well Dying Well


"Attending Deborah’s presentation was both a pleasure and a mind-shifting experience.  Deborah has an innate ability to engage with her audience and guide participants to a new level of “understanding of their inner wisdom”.  As Deborah points out ‘although we have been trained to Think’, Deborah opens the window to our intuitive capacities. She helped me understand ‘What I feel’ and it's impact on ‘Engagement’…so valuable from both a personal and career perspective. Thank you for your great wisdom and insights."

- Alex Bonett, Professional Trainer

"Deb introduced me to allowing myself to have freedom of thought, instead of the entrenched self-talk I've been listening to for so many years. 

Deb has a wonderful way of ensuring the individuals, even in large groups, feel safe to express their thoughts, as she explains the reasons for performing specific storytelling and other exercises. 

I approached this workshop to better understand myself, with a view to having more fun and enjoyment in my life. Deb opened the doors and showed me a path that is very exciting."

- Steve Taylor, Client Technical Support

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