I don’t know where to start. Deb’s work has changed my life.” From relationships loss, to happily married, from a rift from my father to a reconciliation, from corporate career to visioning a creative business pursuit and much, much more.
— Valerie
I just wanted to let you know that all things are getting better in my life, I can really see and feel how I’ve grown. Connecting to my body and trusting my intuition works for everything. Thanks Deb...”
— Susi Frost Bozi
The workshop was fantastic! Deb, thank you for your friendship and guidance in looking deep within one’s self. I am at a crossroads in my life journey.

My deep gratitude and thanks for your patient, caring, and knowledgeable guidance Deb. My deepest gratitude and appreciation to you for all the kind, gentle understanding and supportive guidance to feel safe/yet vulnerable and free to be open without judgement.

Now I’ve the emotional strength to reflect upon and face my self imposed limitations. I am gaining confidence and clarity daily, all of which are finally allowing me the strength and confidence to believe in myself, my capabilities and my goodness as a person.

In kindness
— Christine
I realized that I was attempting to gain clarity primarily through logic. You helped me connect to my body, and ultimately my higher knowing.

I love how you are able to simplify processes that may be to abstract for some. You explain processes simply and practically.

Many people live a very fast paced and busy life, and can get overwhelmed with the daily grind. Your approach can help people, who may not consider themselves intuitive, to access a higher way of navigating through life’s decisions and you provide excellent tools for stress reduction.

I absolutely recommend your services. Your sincere and practical approach is admirable.
— Lynette